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Notodden is a municipality in the east of the province of Telemark ( Norway). The 120 km southwest of Oslo, located on Heddalsvann capital city rights were granted in 1913. The highest point of the village is 1306 meters high Tverrgrønut.


Riverside Tinnelva emerged in the first third of the 19th century sawmills and wood processing factories. 1905, the Norsk Hydro Group, founded by Sam Eyde and Kristian Birkeland started the production of artificial fertilizers and nitric acid salt. For some years, the tranquil village turned into a kind of Norwegian Klondike. Prerequisite for these hectic industrial boom was the intensive use of water power in Telemark, both for the chemical industry, as in the case of Norsk Hydro, as well as for wood and iron working at Tinfos.

The fertilizer production in Notodden was reduced during the 20th century and later completely set. In the chemical industry Notodden is still of production for plastic and foil. In addition, there are suppliers to the defense industry in Kongsberg and for unmanned submarines used for example in oil rigs.

The 1994 merger of several university campuses launched Høgskolen i Telemark ( Telemark College ) has a campus in Notodden, are taught at the teacher since 1895 and since 1938 art and design. A special feature is the provision of online courses for students from all over Norway. With other departments in Bø i Telemark, Porsgrunn and Rauland, the School offers a total of more than 6000 students apprenticeships. By 2016, the University College will be.

Culture and sights

A few kilometers west of the town is the famous, originally built in the 13th century stave church Heddal. With a height of 25 meters it is the largest stave church in Norway. Approximately 300m next to the stave church is the open-air museum Heddal bygdetun.

Notodden is located together with Rjukan since 2009 in the application process for its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The use of hydropower, the global significance of the two sites in connection with the Second Industrial Revolution and the continued existing and well-preserved original structure are based on the support of the Norwegian Government application. In the field of Tinfoswerkes Telemark Gallery was established that houses in addition to art exhibitions also opened a 2013 Industrial Museum.

Notodden Organised annually from one of the largest blues festivals in Europe.


  • Klaus Egge (* 1906 in Gransherad, Notodden, † 1979), Composer
  • Hans Herbjørnsrud (* 1938 in Heddal, Notodden ), writer
  • Ihsahn ( born 1975 ), musician