Novatek (Russian Новатэк until 2003 OAO FIK Novafininvest ) is a Russian company with headquarters in Tarko-Sale, West Siberia.

Novatek is a private energy company, oil and gas in Russia promotes and sells. The company was founded in August 1994 and is listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange in the RTS index.

After the semi-state company Gazprom Novatek is the second largest producer of natural gas from Russia and employs more than 4000 employees.


The largest shareholders are:

Corporate investments

  • SNP Nova - Pipeline Contractors
  • Purneftegasgeologiya - Natural gas
  • Tarkosaleneftegas - Natural gas
  • Khancheyneftegas - Natural gas
  • Yurkharovneftegas - Natural gas