Nowoasowsk (Ukrainian Новоазовськ; Russian Новоазовск / Nowoasowsk ) is a city in eastern Ukraine in the Donetsk Oblast with 12,100 inhabitants ( 2013) The city is the administrative headquarters of Rajon Nowoasowsk.


Nowoasowsk lies at the mouth of the Hruskyj Jalantschyk (Ukrainian Грузький Яланчик ) 112 km south of Donetsk Oblastzentrum and 42 kilometers east of Mariupol in the Sea of ​​Azov. The city lies on the highway between Mariupol and 70 km away, the Russian city of Taganrog.

For the municipality still include not only the city itself, the villages

  • Husselschtschykowe (Ukrainian Гусельщикове ) with about 630 inhabitants,
  • Kosliwka (Ukrainian Козлівка ) with about 110 inhabitants and
  • Samsonowe (Ukrainian Самсонове ) with about 380 inhabitants.


The settlement was founded in 1849 and had ten years later 885 inhabitants. The location at the crossroads of land and sea routes has helped make the city a trading center was. There was a harbor with shops and warehouses, so that 1914 people lived here 7900. By 1923, the place was called Nowomykolaiiwska (Ukrainian Новомиколаївська ) and 1923-1959 Budoniwka (Ukrainian Будьонівка ). In 1938 the village was a settlement of urban type and Nowoasowsk received in 1966 the status of a city.


Source: 1959-1979; 1989-2013


Nowoasowsk is the administrative center of the company founded in 1923 Rajon Nowoasowsk. The Rajon has an area of 1045 km ² and a population of 35,700 inhabitants ( 2013). The Rajon located south of the Donetsk Oblast and is bordered to the south by the Sea of ​​Azov, on the west by the city of Mariupol and on the east by Russia. The population density is 34 inhabitants per km ².