Nowra, New South Wales

Nowra is a city in the Australian state of New South Wales and is located about 160 kilometers south of Sydney on the Shoalhaven River. It is closely connected with the lying on the opposite bank, Bomaderry. Nowra Bomaderry - has about 27,500 inhabitants ( 2006).

Nowra was founded in 1852. The city is the hub of dairy farming in the surrounding region and the terminus of the railway line from the north.

In Nowra is the administrative seat of the local administrative area Shoalhaven City.

In February 2012, the well-known documentary filmmaker and National Geographic staff DeGruy Mike and Andrew Wight died in a helicopter crash near Nowra Shortly after the start. DeGruy, who was honored for his achievements in camera with multiple Emmys and BAFTAs was specializing in underwater documentaries as well as submarine pilot to James Cameron's documentary "Last Mysteries of the Titanic " (2005) involved. The 52- year-old Australian Andrew Wight was a writer and producer of 3-D thriller " Sanctum ", which was at the Australian box office the most successful film of 2010.