NPO Energomash

NPO Energomash " W. P. Glushko "(Russian НПО Энергомаш имени академика В.П.Глушко ) is a Russian company, which is mainly specialized in the development and production of rocket engines. NPO Energomash is headquartered in Moscow and offices in Samara, Perm and St. Petersburg, and employs over 5000 people. Originally founded in 1946 as OKB -456, the company was known for example for liquid rocket propulsion systems, the RD -107, RD -170 and RD 180. These engines were used in missiles such as the R -7, Proton, Soyuz, Energia and Atlas V. NPO Energomash got its present name in May 1991 in memory of his chief designer Valentin Petrovich Glushko.