NRJ Group

The NRJ Group is the largest private radio companies in Europe. Founder and main shareholder is Jean -Paul Baudecroux. NRJ is the abbreviation for the French name Nouvelle Radio Jeunesse, which translates as " new youth radio station " means. The correct pronunciation of the acronym " en- he -shi " gives the French word énergie [ ɛnɛʀʒi ] ( German energy). Outside the French -speaking world, the company added its logo to the English name ENERGY [ ɛnɛʀdʒi ] and uses it well in the debate, the name of the corresponding radio stations.

In addition to the umbrella brand NRJ NRJ Group is the listed depending on the market with up to three other radio brands on air: Chérie FM, Rire & Chansons and nostalgia.

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1981: NRJ takes off and grows in the French-speaking world

In 1981, the first radio station was in the French capital Paris under the NRJ name on the air. Six years later, in 1987, the NRJ Group commenced operations in France expanded with Chérie FM 1988 followed in Belgium and Switzerland first stations outside France. With the transmitter Rire et chansons chansons, the Group established in 1990 another station in France. 2001 Radio Monte Carlo ( inter alia with locations in Senegal, Lebanon and Togo ) were acquired along with the radio chain nostalgia of the NRJ Group, but even a short time repelled Radio Monte Carlo again later. Since then include the four brands NRJ, Chérie FM, Rire et Chansons, and nostalgia for the company's portfolio. In addition, the NRJ Group transmitter operates on the French overseas departments and regions Réunion, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Guyane, Martinique and Tahiti and New Caledonia and since 1988 in the French speaking part of Switzerland around Lake Geneva independent radio programs, which are also broadcast in French.

1991: ENERGY enters the German-speaking


With its launch of Energy Berlin 1991 NRJ Group is the first time in the metropolitan area of Berlin and at the same time the first time in Germany on the air. Other stations have since followed in Saxony ( Sachsen Energy in Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden since 1993 and Zwickau since 1995), Munich ( Munich Energy since 1994), Hamburg ( Hamburg Energy since 1995), Rhineland -Palatinate ( Rheinland -Pfalz Energy since 1996, 1997 reinstated ), Nuremberg ( Nürnberg Energy also since 1995), the Stuttgart Region (Energy Stuttgart since 2001 through the acquisition of RMB Radio and 2006 by buying R.TV radio), Bremen ( Bremen Energy since 2003) and the Rhine- Main area (Energy Rhein -Main set since 2010 by taking over the radio station FM Main, 2013 ). From August 2011, the nationwide dissemination of the digital radio station Energy DAB is also included. The marketing of all majority- owned by the Group NRJ Energy stations ( are exempt Bremen Energy and Energy Sachsen) in Germany takes over since 1996 ENERGY Media GmbH.


In Austria in 1998 Energy 104.2 went in the Austrian capital Vienna on the air. Ten years later, in 2008, followed by Energy 99.9 in Innsbruck, the second station of the NRJ Group in the Republic and in 2009 with 94.0 Energy in Salzburg the third. The management of the three channels is done by the N & C private radio operation GmbH. In addition to these three stations also include Graz Radio and Radio One since 2010 NRJ Group. For the latter two radio stations of the 2011 relaunch as Energy Styria was planned, but this was after the competitor KroneHit violations of licenses indicated rejected by KommAustria.


With a share purchase in the amount of 49 percent to Hit Radio Z in Zurich in 2003 was the first time in Switzerland, a German-language Hörfunktprogramm the NRJ Group under the name Energy Zurich. Already since 1988, exists in French-speaking Switzerland NRJ Léman in Geneva area ( Léman is the French name of Lake Geneva ), which is radiated with French broadcasting license. Seven years after the launch of the station in Zurich went with Energy Bern, the second German -language channels on the air. On January 13, 2012 went with the now fourth station Energy Basel in Switzerland on the air.

1993: NRJ / ENERGY is internationally


In 1993, also the operation of a station NRJ in Sweden. As early as 1995 Energy Sweden received a further 14 new frequencies. Use the launcher of Helsinki Energy and the operation in neighboring Finland was included ( there Energy Finland was in 1999, seven other frequencies). Followed in 1998 with a recording of the program in Oslo a station in Norway and 2000 in Denmark. That same year, NRJ received more frequencies in Norway.

Followed in 2006 with Energy Bulgaria, Ukraine Energy, Energy and Energy Lebanon Russia other stations worldwide. Thus, the NRJ Group is the first time also be received on the Asian continent. Energy Ukraine was broadcast from April 27, 2006 in Kiev, and in June of the same year in Sevastopol. Late December 2011 / early January 2012 put the transmitter on his charisma in Ukraine, the frequencies were handed over to Radio 24.

Since the renaming of the previous énergie stations in the province of Quebec radio stations are operated under the name NRJ since 2009 in Canada.

2011 beyond Radio Nostalgia was sent in Greater Helsinki and Lisbon and Porto in the Portuguese on the air.

Greece and Luxembourg

In addition, on October 9, 2011, to the Greek Modern Times Group, which already operates in Sweden Energy stations, corresponding sender Fresh Radio were also converted to Athens and Oasis Radio in Thessaloniki by another franchise cooperation in energy stations. The station in Thessaloniki, Greece was discontinued in April 2012, about six months after transmission start again. Currently being carried out in Luxembourg negotiations with the media group Saint -Paul on the radio station to relaunch the Neien Radio NRJ branded or nostalgia.

Beyond the local and national radio stations, operates the NRJ Group since 2006 radios of different genres. Since 1989, shares of the NRJ Group are traded on the French stock exchange. With over 400 frequencies alone the NRJ / ENERGY Europe's biggest radio brand brand.

2005: NRJ Group discovered other corporate fields

In addition to the NRJ Energy and radio programs, the NRJ Group operates since March 31, 2005 the TV channel NRJ 12, and since 22 March 2007 Clip TV channel NRJ Hits in France, both transmitters were initially in other states are received via Hotbird ( NRJ 12) or Astra ( NRJ Hits). Youngest television station NRJ NRJ Group is Paris, he is since 20 March 2008. Too, the regional station 7L TV belonged to the Group.

Furthermore, it was founded in November 2005 by NRJ Mobile in France in collaboration with the French mobile operator SFR own virtual mobile service. New contracts are now offered in cooperation with Orange. There is now also in Belgium, an identically virtual mobile network, which was founded in together with Transatel.

Since 2003 is with NRJ Events an in-house event management agency.

Corporate strategies


Both the German and the international space sets the NRJ Group on a three -pillar strategy, this involves the acquisition of existing radio stations (eg, Main FM, Hit Radio Z, etc.), the establishment of new radio stations ( eg when applying to radio frequencies in Rhineland -Palatinate ), and finally the franchise principle (eg Energy Bremen, Energy Lebanon, NRJ Canada, etc.). Since 2011 the NRJ Group pursues also reinforced the expansion of the brand nostalgia for the same concept.


2005, the French NRJ Group adopted a strategy to develop the company and its portfolio. As the five pillars divisions radio, television, internet, event management and mobile communications, which in turn are linked to each other to establish NRJ as a multimedia brand are considered here in future.




Under the uniform title 's toast radiate all Energy stations ( with the exception of Energy ENERGY Bremen Bremen Moin! Energy and Saxony with bang wake mitFreddy and Energy Wienenberger morning) their morning program since 2009. As early as 2006 there was a first attempt a nationwide, always sent from different cities, format under the title ENERGY Morning Live ( also with the exception of the stations in Bremen and Saxony ) broadcast. Moreover, similar or identical titles such as ENERGY ENERGY @ Work or in the afternoon and ENERGY ENERGY Interactive or DriveTime used for broadcasts in the morning and afternoon.

The format ENERGY Brand new accesses this regionalized principle of program design. Different moderators inform on the individual energy stations on current and new songs. In addition, the listeners have the option of five pre-recorded songs to vote for their favorites and thus help shape the program on the website of the German Energy stations.

The so-called ENERGY Music shows, so ENERGY Mastermix, ENERGY ENERGY Dance and skirt, are presently being aired on various stations from Friday to Sunday from 22:00 clock. In the past, the mission ENERGY Mastermix was aired on Saturdays from 21:00 clock in Berlin, Munich and Nuremberg Fridays from 23:00 clock. First, put together as a format different from the genres DJs Mash, House, R & B, Hip- Hop and Black, the program is now launched regularly by Milk & Sugar. Furthermore Energy brings in Germany under this title also appropriate CDs out, some of which are compiled by various DJs like Paul van Dyk and Benny Benassi.

The Bänd slices incident of Energy stations in the Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Rhein- Main and Munich region is a radio program that alternately alone of German and international individual singers, but also bands (eg We are heroes, The doctors, Eliza Doolittle and The Fantastic Four ) will be moderated. In this show, the artists in front of their private musical tastes and favorite songs.

The ENERGY Web Report ( previously Carola Trend Report ) was another program cooperation between the stations Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart region, Berlin and Hamburg and always went there each 10:00 to 19:00 clock by the news. The program was initially by Carola Jung, between 2004 and 2008 chief presenter and 2005-2008 Program Director at Energy Berlin, moderated to Energy Saxony but renamed after their turn of 2009 and set a short time later.

A common further cooperation between the stations in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart region and Saxony granted the Germany -wide radio talk show 911 - your talk show in ENERGY ( nine eleven ) dar. According to the name, this was from Monday to Thursday between 21: 00 to 23:00 clock sent. During the talk show, it was possible to the listeners to participate by phone, chat or e -mail in the mission to bring their opinion on certain topics and discuss. The mascot of the show were naked mole rats. The show was canceled at short notice by all Energy stations after the broadcast of 14 October 2009. According to an open letter to the station chiefs reason for this was the most coarse language in the mission.

On 7 October 2010 Energy announced that as of November 2010, the radio show is The Tommy Wosch show on the air. The show was to be aired on all German Energy stations and was thus the first daily nationally televised ' infotainment show "Germany. The moderators are Tommy Wosch and Kathrin Thüringstrasse. On 1 November, the name of the program was to Wosch. The ENERGY evening news. changed. The two -hour program is broadcast from 20:00 bis 22:00 clock clock and repeated 1:00 to 3:00 clock. On Energy Rhein -Main the show from 22:00 to 24:00 clock is running. The show first aired on November 22. Since mid-July 2011 Thommy Wosch moderated alone or with Michi Balzer after Kathrin Thüringstrasse returned to the radio station Fritz. To June 29, 2012, the show was finally set for private reasons.


Introduced as ENERGY Live Bashes provide the ENERGY Live Sessions live concerts hip artists like Rihanna, Mando Diao, Silbermond or Duffy in private and " some other location " represents the venues for the programs broadcast nationwide change also. Selected concerts are due to a business co-operation recorded with the television channel RTL II and transferred into the program. Own ENERGY Live Sessions also radiate the energy stations in Basel, Bern and Zurich.


Not only nationally, but also internationally uses the NRJ Group from synergy effects for different events, concerts, program design or other promotion, thus consolidating its image as an international brand.


The Euro Hot 30 will be collected on a weekly basis. They are from the individual playlists NRJ stations in Germany (except Energy and Energy Bremen Saxony ), France, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Lebanon and Greece are calculated ( to 2010 were also the Bulgarian Energy involved stations). By identifying the individual playlists from the transmitter, it can occur under circumstances that songs are played in each, which are alternatively played no or only rarely in the program of the corresponding station. The Russian Energy stations radiate a similar program under the title NRJ Hot 30, which is determined from the most-played songs of all Russian Energy stations.

In addition, even nations overarching logos or titles for individual programs, products (such as CDs and the like ), events, etc., such as the NRJ Master Mix or Le 6 / 9 uses. In addition, since June 2011 come in as many NRJ stations worldwide same or similar jingles and music beds used, for example in Germany, France, Russia and Scandinavia.


And the In; In the event design especially the titles and logos immerse the open-air concert series NRJ In The Park ( previously also in Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany [Stuttgart ] Germany [ Berlin and Munich ] and Belgium) Door concert Series NRJ Music Tour (currently in Germany, France, Belgium, Lebanon, in Switzerland since 2003 under the title ENERGY Stars For Free; previously also in Norway, Léman ) of coming back to, even though this sometimes very strongly of different aspect ago. Likely to be encountered Stars were so in the past, for example, Sophie Ellis -Bextor, Natasha Bedingfield, the Black Eyed Peas, Craig David, Jason Derulo, Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, MIA. , Silver moon, the Sugababes, Xavier Naidoo and Söhne Mannheims, Atomic Kitten, Taio Cruz or Madcon. The event in Berlin, which takes place regularly on a floating stage in Berlin Wannsee beach is at the same time with up to 30,000 visitors, Germany's biggest free open-air radio. 2011 in the nine-year history of NRJ In The Park Berlin event due to a severe weather warning from the German Weather Service, the winds to force 8 expected, was canceled shortly before the start.

The flagship show, the prestigious NRJ Music Awards, which are held annually in Cannes since 1999 and provide, especially because of its international star cast, similar for example to the MTV Europe Music Awards, for attention apply. On French television, the NRJ Music Awards are annually transferred from the leader TF1, which over six million viewers are reached. In addition, the NRJ Radio Awards are also conducted in the Nordic region and since 2004 the NRJ Ciné Awards and NRJ Movie Awards. For the first time took place the NRJ Fashion Awards on November 1, 2007. On 7 November 2012, the NRJ stations present in France and Belgium for the first time the NRJ DJ Awards.

2010 took place for the first time in Zurich ENERGY Fashion Night instead. Since 21 October 2011, the show takes place in Berlin. The show presents a mix of famous music stars such as Duran Duran, Glass Bead Game, Hurts or Frida Gold and the presentation of current fashion collections through models.


Radio stations

The NRJ Group is represented with different brands internationally, either directly or through franchisees. The brand portfolio in the field of radio are the trademarks NRJ (or in non- French-speaking States Energy), whose program consists primarily of music of the Top 40 as well as messages and short reports on current issues and adhere to the target group of 14 - or up to 49 year olds. the core target group of 20 - to 29 -year-olds directed, Nostalgia (or currently sporadically Nostalgia ), Chérie FM and Rire & Chansons. In addition, the NRJ Group operates with a majority stake still different stations in Austria and Norway and is active at individual stations with minority interests. The following table shows all the stations of the NRJ Group, which are under the umbrella of international brands, and the station to which the Group is involved in a majority.

Internet radio stations

On the website of Radio Energy radios are distributed in different areas of music, their number, sender and music selection can, however, vary by country.

The following radios offers NRJ with state on August 20, 2008 to:

  • NRJ 80s
  • NRJ 90s
  • NRJ Black
  • NRJ bootleg
  • NRJ Dance Club
  • NRJ Club Files
  • NRJ Charts
  • NRJ Dance
  • NRJ Drumm & Bass
  • NRJ Electro
  • NRJ Extravadance
  • NRJ Girl
  • NRJ Groove
  • NRJ Hip Hop
  • NRJ Hits
  • NRJ Hot ( current hits )
  • NRJ House
  • NRJ Lounge ( with electronic and acoustic music styles )
  • NRJ Love
  • NRJ Master Mix
  • NRJ mix
  • NRJ Newstalk
  • NRJ Party Time
  • NRJ Pop
  • NRJ Pop Rock
  • NRJ Progressive
  • NRJ Rap
  • NRJ R'n'B
  • NRJ rock
  • NRJ Rock in Belgium
  • NRJ soundtrack
  • NRJ Special ( with weekly alternating Music -Artist - Special)
  • NRJ Special Summer
  • NRJ Story
  • NRJ Studio
  • NRJ Swiss ( with Swiss bands )
  • NRJ Top 30
  • NRJ trance
  • NRJ Tweenies
  • NRJ (Livestream under different names)

TV station

The following television stations are currently operated under the label NRJ / ENERGY:

  • Energy Hits ( from 2013 in Lebanon )
  • Energy TV (along with the Ringier AG)
  • NRJ 12
  • NRJ Hits
  • NRJ Paris

Facts and Figures



The NRJ Group in France reached an average of 11.9 million listeners per day. NRJ even reached this average 5.847 million listeners per day and thus has a market share of 6.5 percent. More or 3.179 million 2.298 million listeners to the stations of nostalgia or Chérie FM daily.