NRK P1 is Rikskringkasting a radio program of Norsk. The station was started after the NRK radio reform in 1993, which was launched by radio director Tor Fuglevik. NRK P1 is the direct successor of the first radio station NRKs of 1933. Transmitter is the most popular radio station in Norway, with 1.9 million daily listeners. His seat has the transmitter in the city of Trondheim.

With 124 different frequencies above 1176 FM stations spread NRK P1 operates the largest radio network in Europe.

24.5 hours of weekly program to be taken by local windows to complete, which are created by the following regional centers:

  • P1 Buskerud
  • P1 Finnmark
  • P1 Hedmark
  • P1 Hordaland
  • P1 Møre og Romsdal
  • P1 Nordland
  • P1 Oppland
  • Oslo og Akershus P1
  • P1 Sogn og Fjordane
  • P1 Sørlandet
  • P1 Telemark
  • P1 Troms
  • P1 Trøndelag
  • P1 Vestfold
  • P1 Østfold