Nucleus (Band)

Nucleus was founded by Ian Carr British jazz-rock band that existed from 1969 to 1989.


The band is one of the earliest and most successful jazz-rock groups in Britain. She next starred in a combo concept, but was occasionally extended since the third plate in the studio to big band format. With an expanded cast Carr presented in 1973 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in the premiere of his cyclical composition " Labyrinth". On the last "regular" plate the group the cast to a string orchestra is expanded.

Nucleus resulted primarily on compositions by Carr; on the first plates but are found mainly compositions of other founding members, for example by Karl Jenkins, Jeff Clyne and Chris Spedding, which are characterized by a very dense sound. According to information provided Carr with Nucleus has followed a "comprehensive pluralist approach " in which written-out in addition to improvised sections, in addition to tonal -free parts were, which were arranged in a " balance of tension and relaxation ".

The band was a regular in Europe tour, where she performed at festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, but also in jazz clubs and other venues; but they also played at the Newport Jazz Festival.

In August 2005, a part of former members was led by Geoff Castle once again together for a concert.


  • Elastic Skirt ( Vertigo, 1970)
  • We'll Talk About It Later ( Vertigo, 1970)
  • Solar Plexus ( Vertigo, 1971)
  • Belladonna ( Vertigo, 1972)
  • Labyrinth ( Vertigo, 1973)
  • Roots ( Vertigo, 1973)
  • Under the Sun ( Vertigo, 1974)
  • Alleycat ( Vertigo, 1975)
  • Snakehips Etcetera ( Vertigo, 1975)
  • Direct Hits ( Compilation, Vertigo, 1976)
  • In Flagranti delicto ( Capitol, 1977)
  • Out of the Long Dark ( Capitol, 1978)
  • Awakening ( Mood, 1980)
  • Old Heartland (MMC / EMI, 1988)

Most of albums have been re-released on BGO Records.

Participation in other albums

  • Neil Ardley Kaleidoscope of Rainbows ( Gull 1976)
  • Various Artists Jazz Stage Berlin '79 (Amiga Jazz, 1979)

Later releases of live recordings

  • The Pretty Redhead (recorded in 1971 and 1982) ( Hux, 2003)
  • (Recorded 1971) Live in Bremen ( Cuneiform, 2003)
  • Hemispheres ( recorded in 1970 & 1971) ( Hux, 2006)
  • UK Tour '76 (recorded 1976) ( MLP, 2006)