Numancia was the capital of the Celtiberian. The archaeological site of Numancia is located in the Spanish province of Soria today near Garray on the hill Muela de Garray the Douro River about twelve miles from Soria and 150 kilometers from Zaragoza.

The city was in ancient times a Celtic settlement, which was inhabited since the Bronze Age. During the Iberian wars ( 154-133 BC) between Rome and the Celtiberian that were led by Viriatus, the city was a center of resistance strongly fortified. The first Roman attack of 153 BC failed because the elephants used trampling their own camp after they were pelted with stones by the Celtiberian. 141 BC, the Romans tried under Quintus Pompey again without success to capture the city. 133 BC Numancia was of the younger Scipio ( Aemilianus ), the grandson of the victor of Zama, conquered for Rome ( see Siege of Numancia ). He kesselte a town and thus triggered a famine in Numancia from. The capture of the city marked the end of the Spanish wars, during which many Roman soldiers had lost their lives.