Numero sign

The Numero sign № (Unicode: U 2116 numero sign, HTML: № ) is used in some countries, such as Britain and Russia, similar to the hash " #" as the number sign for marking of numbers ( ie, as a number sign ). In the German -speaking world it was formerly often used for lists or consecutive numbering ( read " Numero ", for example, room № 1, № 2, etc., or " Old street № 16"). The use corresponds to the present-day German abbreviation No. ( for " number" ) or, for example, the French spelling ° N ( Capital letter N followed by ordinals ° ). In Russia, the Numero sign is sometimes simplified form as Latin (usually italic ) N.

In many fonts the design of the "N " part of the normal capital letter N deviates from: The ends get an arcuate, outwardly directed outlet, in serif fonts often with drops.