Numitor Silvius was in Roman mythology, a king of Alba Longa.

He succeeded his father Proca to the throne, but was pushed by his younger brother Amulius from the throne, his niece, Rhea Silvia made ​​the new king for Vestal, his nephew he had assassinated. Rhea Silvia gave birth to Mars the twins Romulus and Remus, and was then buried alive or thrown by another tradition into the Tiber, as they had broken the vow of chastity of the Vestal Virgins. However, she was rescued from the river Tiberinus God, who brought his wife and current goddess.

The brothers were raised by a she-wolf and later found by the royal shepherd Faustulus in which they grew up then. One day Remus was taken prisoner by the shepherds of Numitor and demonstrated Numitor. Faustulus and Romulus went on to Numitor to rid Remus. Through the story of the shepherds and the similarity of twins with himself, he concluded that they were his grandchildren.

They rushed Amulius and helped Numitor back to the throne. As a reward he left them at the location where they were found by the shepherd who found a new city that Rome was called later.


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