Numonyx was a semiconductor company - which specializes in flash memory - which is created by a joint venture between Intel, STMicroelectronics and Francisco Partners.

The company was registered in September 2007 in Amsterdam and took early April 2008, its operational work on. Intel and STMicroelectronics covered a distance together their memory segments. Focused flash memory and phase change memory (PCM). The operational headquarters was located in Switzerland, in part VD. The company was led by CEO Brian Harrison, a former Intel VP and COO Mario Licciardello, a former CVP of STMicroelectronics. Major shareholders of Numonyx STMicroelectronics were 48.6 % of the shares and Intel with 45.1% of the shares. The rest fell to Francisco Partners. In spring 2010, Numonyx took the series production of phase change memories on ..

In February 2010, the full acquisition of Numonyx by Micron Technology was announced. The transaction was completed on May 7, 2010. The company's activities have since been continued by Micron Technology.