Nunspeet ( listen? / I ) is a municipality of the province of Gelderland. It has a total area of ​​129.49 km ² and counted on 1 January 2013, according to the CBS 26 631 inhabitants. Of the total area is forested with 67.87 km ², more than half.


In the community Nunspeet are four villages:

  • Nunspeet where the administrative center (about 19,000 inhabitants)
  • Hulshorst, more western located (2,000 inhabitants)
  • Elspeet, southeast of Nunspeet, between the forests ( 4,400 inhabitants)
  • Four Houten, also " houten " = forests located between the four, with about 800 inhabitants.

Location and economic

Nunspeet lies on the northwestern edge of the Veluwe forest, along the A28 motorway and the railway line from Zwolle via Amersfoort to Amsterdam, or Utrecht. The place is a tourist attraction in the Veluwe.


Around the year 1000 the School Office ( schoutambt ) Ermelo, which included the territory of present-day communities Ermelo Harderwijk and Nunspeet arose. As had developed in the 13th century Harderwijk for independent city, Ermelo remained (south of the city) and Nunspeet (northeast of Harderwijk ) exist as a farming villages. But there were always greater differences between Ermelo and Nunspeet. , Developed as a center of psychiatric homes, especially after 1850, when Ermelo, where also Nunspeet was administered, while the faster-growing and well-located in the woods of the Veluwe Nunspeet chose tourism as a source of income. After decades of tug of war, the separation of the two villages eventually was only in 1972 perfectly. This development is in the Netherlands, where many smaller communities are increasingly becoming larger ones found unique. In the forest with four Houten was born during the Second World War "Het Dorp Verscholen " ( The Hidden Village ). It served as a shelter for people who had to go into hiding. Part of this underground facility can still be visited.


The many forests and heathlands, where shepherds still graze their animals for over 150 years attract many tourists. In the village are camping, apartments, playgrounds and small hotels are you suppose to find. Nunspeet further has an important gallery for contemporary visual art, DeMedici called, and a permanent garden show " Kijktuinen ".


Reformed Church in Nunspeet

Reformed Chapel in Hulshorst

Mill ( moles de Maagd ) in Hulshorst