The NV1 from Nvidia, also known as SGS Thomson STG -2000, was a 3D graphics chip for the PCI bus, which was already launched in 1995 and one of the first 3D accelerator was. The most frequent equipped with this chip representative on the retail market was the Diamond Edge 3D.


However, the chip used is not the usual polygon method today's graphics chips to represent 3D objects, but sat on so-called NURBS. As a further development of the processor ( NV2 ) should also be integrated into a Sega console, why it never came (Sound Blaster - compatible) possessed with the NV1 equipped Diamond Edge 3D in addition to a sound subsystem two connections for a Sega game controllers. The list of supported games but was ultimately quite short ( all came from Sega, such as Virtua Fighter ), and the rather "exotic" NURBS technique does not prevailed.

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