NVA is the abbreviation for:

  • IATA code for the international airport of Neiva, Colombia
  • National Vigilance Association, a British association for the protection of public morals (1885-1953)
  • National Volleyball Association
  • National Vulvodynia Association, a nonprofit organization in the United States
  • National People's Army, the Army of the GDR
  • NVA (film), a film directed by Leander Haussmann about life in the National People's Army
  • Nauru Volleyball Association
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Autism
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • NEVA (X e animation), a file format for vector graphics animations.
  • , Nieuw- Vlaamse abbreviated Alliantie, a political party in Belgium also known as N -VA
  • Night View Assist
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