Nya hyss av Emil i Lönneberga

  • January Ohlsson: Michel Svensson
  • Lena Wisborg: Ida Svensson
  • Allan Edwall: Anton Svensson
  • Emy Storm Alma Svensson
  • Björn Gustafson: Alfred
  • Maud Hansson: Lina
  • Carsta Löck: Krösa - Maja
  • Georg Årlin: Vicar
  • Hannelore Schroth: Woman Petrell
  • Bertil Norstrom: Horse dealers
  • Paul Esser: doctor
  • Rudolf Schündler: Mayor
  • Stefan Grybe: son of the mayor
  • Kristina Jämtmark: Singing girl

Again this second Michel - Michel must make more male is a film directed by Olle Hellbom from 1972 he is the second film in the three-part adaptation of the novels about Emil of Maple Hills by Astrid Lindgren..


" Easy staged, funny film about childhood experiences and pranks of the little Michel ... Superbly presented pleasing entertainment for children. "


In 1971, under the name of Emil of Maple Hills was the German - Swedish version of the films series.