Nyayo Car

Nyayo Motor Corporation is a former automobile manufacturer in Kenya. This existed from 1986 to 1999 and was rebuilt on the task of automobile production in the supplier companies Numerical Machining Complex Limited. Translated, the name means Nyayo as much as footprint or footsteps.

The company itself started initially as a government project under the leadership of President Daniel arap Moi, which the University of Nairobi had given the order to develop a passenger car model, which should be suitable for mass production.

The University presented their results in the spring of 1986. Under the model name Nyayo Pioneer three model versions were now offered. As an entry-level model of the Pioneer ranked as five-door midsize sedan, a little more sporty, there was also the model as a three-door coupe. For companies, there was the Pioneer, however, in a PickUp version. The top speed was 120 km / h

With an investment of 7,800,000,000,000 Sh the Kenyan government had eleven plants for the production of all vehicle parts and build warehouses for final assembly. But the capital was just enough time for the effort of two works on which had to be sold the rest. In view of this financial situation, production started in limited quantities.

From 1990, there was the rally version of the Pioneer. These units were used on the Kasarani Sports Complex.

Then the production of the vehicle was discontinued without replacement in 1999 and for the workforce had to find a new carrier. Only in 2003, the company was finally sold by the state and converted into the Numerical Machining Complex Limited.