Ö1 Campus

OE1 Campus (formerly oe1campus ) is an Austrian Webradio, which is operated by the ORF.

The previously broadcast on medium wave frequency transmitter Radio 1476 was born on 1 January 2009 replaced by the Webradio oe1campus after the operation of the transmission system was set for reasons of cost by the operator of ORS.

The transmission period has been extended from 6 hours daily on a 24-hour full program. The target group is mainly students and migrants. The program offer consists of different elements: experimental productions external editors, ethnic group shows, regional radio channels and content, such as news, from OE1.

In a first phase, the daily new productions are cyclically repeated and supplemented by acquisitions of Radio Austria 1. Later, according to the ORF new possibilities for " participatory radio " are introduced. Broadcast is among other things the " Democracy Workshop " of the austrian parliament for children and adolescents, broadcasts of the project "Student Radio", as well as a people group range for the six indigenous minority groups in Austria, the Burgenland-Croatian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak minority and ethnic group Roma accordance with the obligations of § 5.1 of the ORF Act.