OA is an abbreviation for:

  • Afghanistan, according to the ICAO code
  • Oberamt ( Württemberg), was the ancient name of an administrative unit Württemberg and had until 1934 inventory, as after the Nazi seizure of power, the upper offices were renamed with the Württemberg district regulations in circles
  • Upper arm, a part of the arm and forms the proximal portion of the upper limb
  • Senior physician, a physician leaders, usually in a hospital or in a health care center
  • Attorney, area of ​​the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport
  • Official Aid for Countries and Territories in Transition, see development cooperation
  • Officer candidate, a contender for the officer's rank in the military, depending on the state officer candidates have a different status
  • Olympic Airlines, a former State Greek airline based in Athens after the IATA code
  • Open Access (English for open access ), free access to scientific literature and other materials on the Internet
  • Open Arena, a free clone of Quake III Arena
  • Operational amplifier having, operational amplifier, an electronic amplifier which has an inverting and a noninverting input and usually a very high voltage amplification
  • Organizational constellation, which uses spatial illustration of ( inner) relationship of personal images System Units
  • Original edition, each title which first appeared on the domestic or foreign book market
  • Osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis
  • Overeaters Anonymous, an international self-help group for people with eating disorders, their program is based on the god -related Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Overlap Add, see segmented folding, a method for rapidly folding is used in the digital signal processing

OA as a distinguishing mark on license plate:

  • Belgium: Oldtimer
  • Germany: Oberallgäu
  • Netherlands: trade plates for trailers

Oa stands for:

  • Oa ( Parish ), a parish on the island of Islay
  • Upper Section, see organizational structure of the SS
  • The Oa, a peninsula of the Scottish island of Islay

Not stated (with spaces) is an abbreviation for:

  • No author, see anonymity # Meaning content

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