OASIS (organization)

The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards ( OASIS ) is an international, not -for-profit organization that deals with the development of e-business and Web services standards. Known standards of OASIS include OpenDocument and DocBook.


Document formats

DocBook and DITA

OASIS maintains the DocBook document format and is involved with IBM in the care of the DITA document format. In contrast to e.g. OpenDocument these formats is based on content rather than on the formatting and are suitable for writing books and documentaries.


To an open source, standardized file format - especially for word processing - to establish a working group at OASIS formed for the development of the free Open Document formats (ODF Open Document Format. ), Which comprehensively, inter alia, with OpenOffice.org 2, LibreOffice, StarOffice and KOffice 8 was introduced in 1.4. Currently, the format of Microsoft dominates. Since May 8, 2006 ODF format has been officially adopted by the ISO and the IEC in the ISO / IEC 26300 that..


OASIS also maintains the safety standards eXtensible Access Control Markup Language and Service Provisioning Markup Language. Together with CEFACT OASIS was also involved in the development of electronic business XML.

In addition, maintains the OASIS BPEL, an execution language for business processes.

Customer Information Quality ( CIQ ) is a set of XML specifications for the definition, representation, processing and management of personal data ( such as names, addresses, etc.).