Under Obdormition (from Latin obdormitio asleep ) refers to abnormal sensations ( paresthesias ) such as " tingling " and " furry feeling " of the skin that can be caused by pressure on a nerve. This discomfort can for example when crossing your legs occur, but also in their sleep by the fact that one is asleep, for example, too long on one arm. This can have the consequence that one no longer feels the arm and this also can not move.

In colloquial language it is called falling asleep of the limbs. Here, the nerve is not damaged in the rule and the discomfort are reversible. The deaf become member soon after the discharge of the nerve again "appreciable", this process is usually associated with an unpleasant tingling. By prolonged pressure on one or more nerve however, these may be damaged, so that the paresthesias occur more frequently or permanently. Examples are the bottleneck syndromes, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and Ulnarisrinnensyndrom, or the so-called park bench paralysis.