Oberhessische Presse

The Oberhessische press ( short OP) is a regional newspaper for the district of Marburg -Biedenkopf, which is laid on weekdays. It achieves a paid circulation of 26 346 copies.

The newspaper is published by the heat Roth Druck Medien GmbH & Co. KG. She claims to nuclear issues against the competition of the hinterlands indicator (formerly Marburger Neue Zeitung ) about 90 percent of the market and is also the market leader in the district of Marburg -Biedenkopf. It appears the two partial editions Marburg & Ostkreis and hinterland. In addition to the print edition since 2007, online edition of the newspaper ( e- paper ) appears.


The Oberhessische Press originated in 1951 from the merger of Oberhessischen newspaper and the Marburg press. 2002, the majority stake of 51 percent of the family heat Roth to the external investor, Madsack was sold on which the SPD has interests. Tungsten heat Roth continues to hold 49 percent of the company. Germany -wide attention was the newspaper in 2013 as part of the NSU trial, when she gave her the first drawing press square of the FAZ.


Currently employs the publishing approximately 120 employees. Due to the takeover by the Madsack publishing company, the workforce has changed dramatically in recent years. Previously belonged to the publisher of up to 600 employees. During this time the 400 newspaper deliverer still belonged to the publishing house and were paid by him. Today they work ( newspaper distribution company) for the BMA mbH.