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Oberrieden (formerly Obrendrieden ) is a municipality in the district of Horgen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.


Oberrieden is on several grounds terraces on the left bank of Lake Zurich, about 11 km southeast of Zurich. The western boundary of the municipality extends down over the Zimmerberg in the Sihl valley, the eastern up to the middle of Lake Zurich. The northern neighboring community is Thalwil, the southern of the district capital Horgen.

The municipal area is 276 hectares, of which 15 % agriculture, 42 % forest, 14% of traffic and 27% of settlements.


Oberrieden counts 4936 inhabitants (2010 ), the proportion of foreigners is 16%. In the last five years, the population increased by 1.2 %. 20% of the population is 0-19 years old Oberriedner. 58 % are between 20 and 64 years old and 22 % older than 64 years. In Oberrieden exist in 2133 households ( 2000).


  • At the last general elections of the federal parliament (2011), the SVP reached 28.48% share of the vote, the SP 16.95%, the FDP 16:56 %, the glp 12:03 %, the GP 6.45% and the CVP 6:03 %.
  • Mayor Martin Arnold ( SVP).


  • The earliest detectable evidence of settlements can be based on waste wood, flint tools and pottery shards BC to the years 3051-3037 - the Neolithic - trace.
  • 1620, the first school was founded in Oberrieden.
  • Having already had separated from Horgen the parish, which was the fourth watch Horgen then, Oberrieden was on 13 May 1773 a politically independent municipality.

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  • The oldest house was built in 1294 Oberriedens and is now a listed building.
  • Another historic building is the old " Spycher in Länz ", which was built in 1553 and is now part of the community.
  • A centerpiece of the village is built in 1761 by Hans Ulrich Grubenmann Reformed Church Oberrieden which is now used by the Protestant parish.
  • Two prestige Oberriedens are the two villas « Schönfels " and " Sonnenbühl ».
  • A historically significant industrial construction is the aircraft factory in the " Usser Scheller ", which was operated from 1923 to 1935 by the pilot and aircraft builder Alfred Comte.
  • Viewpoints in the community are, " Laugerenried " and the " Äbnet » reachable via the Lottereteweg.

As is known, the event takes place every year, " Open-air Oberrieden. "


View from the viewpoint Äbnet on the panhandle; down restaurant for the Good views, formerly Lotterete

Public transportation

The station Oberrieden village is dominated by the S -Bahn lines S21 ( Zurich HB - Thalwil - Horgen Oberdorf - train ) and S24 ( Zurich HB - Thalwil - Horgen Oberdorf ) served. The lower station is from the S8 ( Weinfelden - Pfäffikon Winterthur - Effretikon - Zurich HB - - Wädenswil ) served. In high season ( June to September), the Lake Zurich Navigation Company Oberrieden served five times each in direction of Rapperswil and Zurich. The bus lines 145 and 136 of the Zimmerberg bus services operate together six bus stops in the municipality.


  • John Brack (1950-2006), Swiss Country musician
  • Alfred Comte (1895-1965), aviation pioneer and aircraft manufacturers, operating an aircraft factory in Oberrieden
  • Max Dünki (1932-2011), politician (EPP, National Council from 1983 to 1999 ), municipal secretary, lived in Oberrieden
  • Peter Surava (1912-1995), journalist, died in Oberrieden