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Oberschwarzach is a market in the Lower Franconian district of Schweinfurt and a member of the administrative community Gerolzhofen.

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Geographical Location

Oberschwarzach is located in the Main- Rhön.

Community structure

Oberschwarzach is divided into twelve districts:

  • Breitbach
  • Düttingsfeld
  • Greuthermühle
  • Handthal
  • Kammerforst
  • Mutzenroth
  • Oberschwarzach
  • Schoenaich
  • Victory village
  • Stone mill
  • Wiebelsberg
  • Wiesenmuhle

There are the districts Breitbach, Handthal, Mutzenroth, Victory Village, Wiebelsberg, Oberschwarzach, Düttingsfeld and Schoenaich.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring municipalities are (from north clockwise beginning ): Ebrach, hostage wind, Prichsenstadt, Lülsfeld and Gerolzhofen.


The former Office of the Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg, which belonged to the Frankish Empire Circle from 1500, was ceded to the secularisation of 1803 in Bavaria's favor in 1805, Archduke Ferdinand of Tuscany to form the Grand Duchy of Würzburg and fell with this 1814 final at Bayern. In the course of administrative reform in Bavaria, was born with the congregation of 1818, the current community.


On January 1, 1971, until then independent municipality Mutzenroth was incorporated. On 1 July 1972, added Wiebelsberg. Breitbach, Handthal and victory village followed on 1 May 1978.

Population Development


Mayor is Joseph Radler ( Wählergemeinschaft Wiebelsberg ). He was the successor of Gottfried Keß (CDU Community ) in 2002.

Culture and sights

  • Erich Kästner Library owns the entire inventory from the legacy of the writer Erich Kästner. Carrier is the Erich Kästner Children 's Villages


  • Parish Church of Peter and Paul with the Madonna and Child from the 15th century and the Saint Sebastian from the workshop Tilman Riemenschneider
  • Marian column
  • Castle Oberschwarzach, built in 1614 by the Würzburg prince bishop Julius Real
  • Stoll castle ruins castle on the Stollberg, Germany's steepest vineyard, with up to 70 % slope, in the district Handthal. The castle is supposed to be the birthplace of Walther von der Vogelweide.
  • Pentagonale Vineyard Chapel 1981 14 holy helpers with a tent roof - next to the winery chapel Campanile


Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

It was in 1998 according to official statistics in the field of agriculture and forestry 3, in the manufacturing sector and 60 in the area of ​​trade and transport 24 persons work at the workplace. In other areas, 28 people were employed social insurance contributions at the workplace. Social insurance contributions at residence, there were a total of 489 in the manufacturing sector, there were three farms, two in construction companies. In addition, in 1999, there were 94 farms with an agricultural area of 1374 hectares, of which 1072 acres of arable land and 216 acres of meadowland.


The district Breitbach is crossed by the federal road 22.


There are the following facilities (as of 1999):

  • Kindergartens: 75 kindergarten places with 73 children
  • An elementary school with 13 teachers and 244 students
  • School location of the main part of school I Gerolzhofen ( 5th and 6th grade )


  • Josef August Eichelsbacher, ( born July 2, 1884 in Handthal Steigerwald; † August 6, 1968 ), school board iR, Eichelsbacher wrote many books on the local history of the Kahlgrund and Lower Franconia.
  • Georg Häfner (* 1900, † 1942), Catholic priest, was a staunch opponent of the Nazi regime and arrived in Dachau lost their lives.