Village Square

Oberstammheim is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. It is grown together with its neighboring community Unterstammheim.

Coat of arms


Since 1687, the top and bottom sawn-off tree trunk is attested with the Aststummeln. The council gave on 9 April 1932, the present version compared to the proposed upper bailiwick oldest coat of arms preference.


Oberstammheim located south of Stammer Bergers. The eastern boundary of the municipality is also part of the cantonal border to the canton of Thurgau. From the community area are 55.1 % agriculture, 36.4 % is covered by forest, 3.2% is traffic area and 5.0% of urban area and 0.2 % are waters. The landscape of the Stammertals is strongly influenced by glacial.


The main economic activities are agriculture and viticulture, in addition has some local business located.


The SVP has 37.73 %, 19.14 %, the FDP, the SP 11.25%, the Greens 7.68%, the glp 7.33%, the BDP 6.87%, 2.79%, and the EPP the CVP 1.41% of the vote ( national election of 2011).

Mayor Martin Farner (FDP) (as of 2014).


The community master Haim is first mentioned in a document from the year 761. The monastery of St. Gallen thus receives possessions of Isanhard into ordinary home as a gift.


  • Eugen Huber (1849-1923), creator of the Swiss Civil Code