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Oberstaufen is a market in the Bavarian- Swabian district of Upper Allgäu region.

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  • Thalkirchdorf
  • Steibis
  • Aach


In a notarization of the monastery of St. Gall 20 December 868 AD, the place Stoufun first mentioned. Since the peace treaties of Brno and Bratislava in 1805 the place belonged to Bavaria. He was formerly a part of the county Königsegg -Roth Rock, which was reversed by the owners in 1804 for goods in Hungary. On 12 February 1921, the community was officially renamed Staufen in Oberstaufen. The communities Aach, Oberstaufen and dale cemetery formed earlier along with Stiefenhofen a unit and had been divided in 1808. 1949 resulted in the spa physician Hermann Brosig the Schroth health cure one. With the award of the predicate " Schroth health resort " on November 30, 1959 Oberstaufen Schroth was officially recognized as the only spa in the Federal Republic. On December 10, 1969, the recognition of Oberstaufen was a climatic health resort. Since 1991 Oberstaufen has reached the highest stage of the German spa town of classification, without taking the additional location "Bad" claim for themselves: Schroth medicinal bath. Oberstaufen is also a member of the German - Austrian joint project Nagelfluhkette National Park. see also ruined castle Thurn


On July 1, 1970, parts of the territory which previously belonged to the municipality Stiefenhofen, incorporated to Oberstaufen. On January 1, 1972, the merger with Aach im Allgäu and Thalkirchdorf the new community was Oberstaufen.



In 1986, a sponsorship for displaced Sudeten Germans from the spa town of Dolni Schroth Lipová / Lower Lindewiese at Freiwaldau was acquired in Altvatergebirge.

Culture and sights

Theatre and concerts

Concert performances are held regularly in the spa Oberstaufen, in the Festhalle Steibis and Thaler in the ballroom; Theater performances in the Kurhaus and, in Thaler Banquet Hall ( folk theater ).

Regular events

  • Has a long tradition of historical " Fasnatziestag " ( Shrove Tuesday ), to commemorate the plague. On Staufner Fasnatziestag the " Butz " with his broom cleans the fixed subscriber and the home course symbolic of the plague and "dies" in the evening for prayer ringing the sudden Pesttod.
  • Since 1999 takes place in Oberstaufen annually in February as part of the "Winter Triathlon Trophy Germany " the Germans championships (5 km running, 12 km mountain, 8 km cross-country skiing ).
  • Since 2006 starts every year in May, the Allgäu- Orient Rally in Oberstaufen, a low-budget rally, which drives the target Amman / Jordan. It may take four or six teams with either two or three cars. The cars arrive in Jordan will be auctioned for the benefit of a good cause.
  • At the annual " cattle drive " ( Cattle Drive ) are always on the 2nd Friday of the livestock (cattle, horses, donkeys, etc.) who spent the summer in September to the mountain alps, solemnly and decorated with flowers to their owners returned. This takes place on the Scheidplatz in courtyards.

Former events

  • With the race for the Staufen Cup ski races were held in Oberstaufen 1962-1992.


  • The Catholic parish church of St. Peter and Paul is a former collegiate Diocese of Augsburg.
  • The Gothic chapel of St Bartholomew in cell in Oberstaufen in the year 1440 with its three Gothic altars and original frescoes from the 15th century.
  • Museum of Local History " When Strumpfar "
  • Farm Museum " S'Huimatle "
  • Show dairy with cheese School

→ List of monuments in Oberstaufen


Summer Sports

  • Aquaria
  • Outdoor pool Thalkirchdorf
  • 12 outdoor tennis courts, six of them in Oberstaufen, four in Thalkirchdorf and two in Steibis.
  • Two resident golf club with 18 holes in Oberstaufen- Steibis and 27 holes at Golf Club Oberstaufen in the district Buflings.
  • Summit station of the Hündle double chairlift to about 1,100 meters. Five minutes' walk from the mountain lies the Upper Hündle -Alpe, where you can watch the cheese making. Furthermore, there is an approximately 850 m long summer toboggan run and a mini-golf course.
  • From Steibis you can reach with the Hochgratbahn, a small cable car, 18 minutes from the mountain station at Hochgrat ( with 1834 m the highest mountain in the Western Allgäu).
  • The Imbergbahn leads directly to the Imbergkamm.

Winter sports

  • Ski region Oberstaufen with a total of 28 lifts in the ski areas, 40 kilometers of machine- groomed slopes. A total of 100 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails are groomed around Oberstaufen (classic 100 km skating 70 km). A special feature is the 50 km long distance hiking trail from Alpsee to Waldsee at Lindenberg. Illuminated at night and suitable for beginners is the 2 km long Kalzhofer trail, a circular course. Snow sure to May are the located at 1200 to 1300 m altitude Hädrich trails (5 to 10 km, for beginners and the experienced).
  • Hündle / Thalkirchdorf ski resort with 8-person gondola with 10 lifts, 14 km of ski length.
  • Sinswangerlifte (two ski lifts, a rope tow, floodlights ).
  • The ski area Steibis on Imberg with 8-person gondola and luge track
  • Hochgratbahn Oberstaufen- Steibis with 5 to 6 km long descents. On the night and full moon rides the sub leek Departure ( 6 km) is open to sledders.
  • Snowshoeing
  • 600 m² Kunsteisplatz with opportunities for curling, ice hockey games and skating.

Economy and infrastructure

Transport links

Just south of the village the main road 308 from Lindau on Lindenberg Oberstaufen runs past and continue to Immenstadt am Alpsee.

Likewise, there runs the railway line in the Allgäu Railway (Bayern) ( Munich -Lindau ).


Since September 2008, there is an open youth club: The Youth House Pangea in Oberstaufen. In particular, for the other age groups (children, adults / seniors) the family center Oberstaufen is active. In addition, descriptions of the patrons Staufner Children eV, the Women's Federation of Oberstaufen and the kindergarten patrons Thalkirchdorf. In a lively club life also a wide social environment is offered.


Oberstaufen was awarded in 2010 by the ADAC ADAC - Tourism Award for the value- Guest Card " Oberstaufen PLUS". For this offer, the spa also received the " German Tourism Award 2009".

Oberstaufen was the first community in Germany, whose images were found on Google StreetView. On 2 November 2010, the facade images were released. This was preceded by an action of Oberstaufen Tourismus und Marketing GmbH in August, which the chance of more tourism recognized in the protests after the announcement by Google to start the service in Germany, by its own account. To this end, a cake was baked for Google and published a photo of this cake on Facebook. According to some media reports, Google has been aware of the community. In other cities were only sights unlocked.

For the strategic implementation of the campaign to Google Street View Oberstaufen receive in May 2011, the "PR Report Award " in the category Corporate Media (internal / external).



  • Franz Mader (1839-1925), master bookbinder, honorary citizen in 1919 due to his service to the local fire brigade and as a local committee member
  • Tessa Gottfried (1865-1932), episcopal. Geistl. Council, honorary citizen in 1920 due to his merits as a pastor
  • Johann Aichele (1868-1953), former mayor, honorary citizen in 1929 due to his service to the community
  • Hertlein Wilhelm (1890-1969), former mayor, honorary citizen in 1960
  • Max Ostheimer (1900-1975), episcopal. Geistl. Council, honorary citizen in 1960 due to his merits as a pastor
  • Hermann Brosig ( born April 3, 1906 in Schroppengrund in Silesia; † 5 May 1994 Oberstaufen ), spa doctor and founder of the Schroth cure in Oberstaufen, since 1971 honorary citizen of Oberstaufen, recipient of the Order of Merit
  • Ottmar Burkart, senior teacher, honorary citizen in Aach 1928
  • Constantin Wiedemann (1880-1969), priest, honorary citizen in Thalkirchdorf 1964
  • Johanna Winkler ( 1902 -? ) Upper teacher, honorary citizen in Thalkirchdorf 1964

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Franz Joseph Mahler (1795-1845), instrument maker and inventor
  • Fidelis Bentele (1905-1987), sculptor
  • Ernst Hürlimann (1921-2001), architect and cartoonist
  • Barbara Henneberger (1940-1964), alpine skier and Olympic bronze medalist in slalom in 1960
  • Heidi Biebl ( b. 1941 ), Olympic gold medalist in downhill skiing at the Winter Olympics in 1960 in Squaw Valley, USA
  • Peter Eben high ( born July 26, 1953), painter and graphic artist, book illustrator
  • Manfred Hürlimann (born 1958 ), painter and draftsman
  • Birgitta Weizenegger (born 1970 ), actress and filmmaker

Other personalities

  • Josef Aurel Stadler (1778-1837), agricultural reformer and pioneer of the Allgäu hard cheese manufacture Swiss-style ( Emmentaler )
  • William Stumpf (1873-1926), a landscape and portrait painter, illustrator
  • Christl Cranz - Borchers (1914-2004), Olympic gold medalist in Alpine combined at the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch -Partenkirchen, lived in Steibis
  • Georg Uecker - Bentele ( born 1931 ), sculptor, winner of the Cultural Prize of the county Oberallgaeu
  • Toni Steurer (born 1978 ), Extreme ski touring athlete and mountaineer and climber -
  • Kurt Bong (* 1937), German jazz musician and former head of the big band of the Hessischer Rundfunk, lives in Oberstaufen since 2000