Oberstdorf station


Oberstdorf Train Station is that of the market Oberstdorf Train in Bavaria. He has five platform tracks and heard the train station category 3 of DB Station & Service in. The station is serviced daily by about 40 trains of Deutsche Bahn AG and the state railway. The station is the terminus of the railway line Immenstadt - Oberstdorf. He was honored by the Pro-Rail Alliance as the best small town station in 2006.


The station is located in the north of the center of Oberstdorf. A connection between the station and the city center is the main road that leads into the station square in the south of the station. The station building is located on the station square and has the address Bahnhofstrasse 2 It is transverse to the track system. At the station square joins the east, the Bahnhofstrasse. Approximately at the end of the platforms where the stabling start, the name of the Bahnhofstrasse in cemetery road changes. Opposite the parking facilities located Oberstdorf Forest Cemetery. To the west of the station is the bus station, he has two Busstege and is located on the Post Road. A little further west branches of the Post Road from the street in Steinach. Are residential and a commercial area between the street in Steinach and the train station. In the north the road crosses the railway tracks in Steinach with the help of a railway crossing. After the railway crossing, it opens as the cemetery road in the east of the railway tracks in the street Am Bannholz.


On 16 November 1873, the Royal Bavarian State Railways opened the railway line Immenstadt -Sonthofen as a connection route to the Bavarian Allgäu railway. In response, the community Oberstdorf tried a rail connection. As part of the Royal Bavarian State Railways was no interest, the private local railway stock company applied for a concession to extend the railway line from Immenstadt Sonthofen to Oberstdorf. The line was finally opened on July 29, 1888. The station received when it opened a station building, which was built in the style of the local railway Aktien-Gesellschaft, and a depot, which served on the track for maintenance of the LAG vehicles. On 1 August 1938, the station was nationalized with the railway line Sonthofen Oberstdorf. The depot was until 23 March 1951 as an independent work, since 23 March 1951, is a branch of the railway depot Kempten. The field office Oberstdorf was disbanded on 1 January 1964. The station building was destroyed in World War II, so a new station building was built in 1963. Operation in Oberstdorf Train Station is controlled by the interlocking Oberstdorf dispatcher since 1976, which entered service in 1976. There is a track plan of interlocking Lorenz of type 60, 2001, the station building built in 1963 was replaced by a newer. In 2006 the station of Pro-Rail Alliance was honored as the best small-town station of the year. Above all, the newly-built station building and the traffic concept of the market Oberstdorf was crucial.


Reception building

The station building built in 1963 was replaced in 2001 by a newer, more modern building. It was designed by the architects Rhoda, Kellermann and Wawrowsky. The building cost approximately eleven million D- Mark, which would today correspond to about 5.6 million euros. The building is clad with wood and is owned by DB Station & Service. The approximately 12,000 square-foot building accommodates six shops and a travel center. At the railway station the hotel is also accessible to the public toilets.


The station has five tracks on three platforms. Track 1 and track 2 and 3 and 4 are located on a central platform. Track 5 has a side platform. The station building is in the south across to the platforms. On track 2 or 4, the Regional Express trains run to Augsburg. The Allgäu -franc Express runs on the other hand, track 1 track 3 is served by regional express trains to Ulm. The alex to Munich and the intercity train pairs use the tracks 4 and 5, all platforms are equipped with digital and roofed train destination indicators. All trains are wheelchair- accessible. In the reception building there are several shops and a DB travel center.

The side platform to platform 1 is 227 meters long and 38 centimeters high. The middle platform on the tracks 2 and 3 has a length of 273 meters and a height of 38 centimeters. The platform on the tracks 4 and 5 is also 38 centimeters high and 330 meters long.


Oberstdorf Train Station is served daily from around 40 trains. Once a day runs the intercity train pair foghorn from Hamburg -Altona via Hannover, Kassel, Würzburg and Augsburg to Oberstdorf. It is combined from Hamburg to Augsburg by Intercity Königsee, the traveling on to Berchtesgaden from Augsburg. Also once daily operates the intercity train pair Allgäu the station, which runs from Oberstdorf via Ulm, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Dusseldorf and Dortmund to Hannover. Between Ulm and Oberstdorf Intercity towards Oberstdorf runs as a regional express, while he continuously travels as an intercity in the opposite direction. Both InterCity trains are pulled by locomotives of the series 218.

Since December 9, 2007 reversed the alex ( 2010: Arriva Provincial Railway Express), which replaced the trains running since December 14, 2003 Allgäu- Express and is operated by the state railway, between Munich and Oberstdorf. The trains of alex be covered with series locomotives ER20. As a former rolling stock come, modernized compartment car of the Deutsche Bahn or modernized n- wagon used. The circulating since December 10, 2006 Allgäu franc Express runs two to three times daily with trains series 612 between Nuremberg and Oberstdorf. The equally -powered railcars of series 612 regional express line complements the Allgäu franc Express between Augsburg and Oberstdorf to a two hour. The formed with railcars of series 612 regional express line connects Ulm Memmingen Oberstdorf. In rush hour runs every two hours, a regional rail line from Immenstadt to Oberstdorf, so that a half hour is created between Immenstadt and Oberstdorf.