Obscene Extreme

The Obscene Extreme is a music festival that takes place since 1999 in the Czech Trutnov. The musical focus is on groups of the genre Hardcore Punk, Crust Core, Grindcore and Death Metal. The event takes place in July in three days. Each paying visitor receives a free festival sampler.


The festival was founded in 1999, by chance called by Miroslav " Curby " Urbanec, owner of the record label Obscene Productions and an online store to life than from his planned birthday party an event with 40 bands was. For the first festival around 1200 people were present, in 2004 there were already 3,000. Initially, exclusively vegetarian options were offered at the festival, because founder curby itself is vegan. In 2008, the first time the limit has been reached by 5000 visitors. To celebrate ten years of 2009 had the Obscene Extreme from " Na Bojišti " ( in German: " On the battlefield ," the historic venue of the Battle of Trautenau ) mentioned venue in Trutnov after Svojšice near Pardubice be laid. The organizer had not been able to refinance the costs of the festival exclusively from ticket and T -shirt sales. After renegotiations in autumn 2009 the Obscene Extreme since 2010 once again in Trutnov. In 2011 came three days to a total of 69 bands. In addition, for the first time organized a freak Day with a tattoo and piercing shows and various competitions. The Obscene Extreme is presented by the UK music magazine Terrorizer since 2008. During the festival, in 2012 the organization Doctors Without Borders was supported by the sale of T -shirts.

The organizers announced after the 2012 festival that 2013 outfit in Mexico, Indonesia and Australia are held.