OC is an abbreviation for:

  • O.C. ( Rapper ), member of Diggin ' in the crates and the Crooklyn Dodgers
  • O.C., California, a U.S. television series
  • Octocrylene, stabilizer for sun protection filters in sunscreen
  • Oleoresin capsicum, the active ingredient mixture contained in pepper spray
  • Open collector in electronics
  • Operating characteristic curve, a term used in statistical test theory
  • Optical Carrier, a classification of fiber optic cables
  • Oral Contraceptive, English for " oral contraceptives ", see birth control pill
  • Orange County, several counties in the United States
  • Orbe Chavornay -Bahn, a former, in the Transports Vallée de Joux -Yverdon -les- Bains- Ste -Croix ( TRAVIS ) integrated, Swiss railway company
  • Ordinary Clock, a clock type the Precision Time Protocol, a protocol for clock synchronization for real-time systems
  • Organisation Consul, a terrorist organization in the Weimar Republic
  • Organic Chemistry, symbols
  • Overclocking, overclocking of CPUs, GPUs, etc.
  • Oxycodone, a drug

OC as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Oschersleben circuit, later county flange ( for Oschersleben ( Bode) )
  • Moldova: Rajon Ocniţa
  • Czech Republic: Okres Olomouc, German: Olomouc ( discontinued)

Oc stands for:

  • Occitan language, Gallo- Romance language spoken mainly in the southern third of France, language code from ISO 639-1
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