The word denotes Oca

  • The houses of Brazilian natives, see Oca
  • A species in the genus of sour clover, see Knolliger sorrel
  • A river in the northern Spanish province of Burgos, see Oca (river)
  • A titular of the Roman Catholic Church, see Oca ( titular )

Oca is the surname of the following persons:

  • Francisco Montes de Oca y Saucedo (1837-1885), Mexican politician and military doctor
  • Manuel Montes de Oca (politicians, 1804) ( 1804-1841 ), Spanish military and politician
  • Manuel Montes de Oca (politicians, 1867) ( 1867-1934 ), Argentine politician

The acronym refers to OCA and means

  • The hereditary disease oculocutaneous albinism
  • A composite of German, Austrian and Swiss cities, see Open Traffic Systems City Association
  • IT Title Oracle Certified Associate
  • The Asian Olympic Council, see Olympic Council of Asia

In English

  • The theory of optimum currency areas ( optimum currency area theory )
  • A personality test offered by Scientology (Oxford Capacity Analysis ), see Oxford Personality Analysis
  • The Microsoft Online Crash Analysis ( Online Crash Analysis )
  • The autocephalous Orthodox Church in America ( Orthodox Church in America )
  • Post an Argentine company that see OCA ( postal companies ) ( Organización Coordinadora Argentina)
  • Offensive Counter Air, the elimination of enemy threats from the air and by missiles
  • Obstacle Clearance Altitude in aviation a sufficient height above the terrain
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