Oceania Swimming Association

Oceania Swimming Association ( OSA short; German " Oceanic Swimming Federation " ) is the recognized by the World Swimming Federation FINA continental governing body for the sport of swimming in the Oceania region. His duties involved the divisions swimming, synchronized swimming, open water swimming fall (English Open Water ), Seniors Swimming ( Masters Swimming ), diving and water polo. The association currently consists of 14 national swimming federations; the youngest member of the Swimming Federation of Tonga, who was taken in 2010. Efforts of FINA and OSA, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to take as members, have failed so far due to organizational reasons in the respective countries.

The Oceania Swimming Association, which was founded during the World Swimming Championships in 1991 in Perth, organized, among others, every two years the Oceanic Swimming Championships (Oceania Swimming Championships ).

Member Associations