Oculomotor nucleus

The nucleus nervi oculomotorii is a collection of nerve cells - a core area (nucleus ) - in the midbrain and forms the front end of the somatomotor core pillar of the cranial nerves within the brain stem. The paired core area lies on both sides in the midbrain hood ( midbrain tegmentum ), right at the water line of the brain ( mesencephalic aqueduct ).

The projections of the nucleus nervi oculomotorii form the III together with those of the parasympathetic Edinger - Westphal nucleus. Cranial nerve ( oculomotor nerve, eye muscle nerve). In this case, going from the somatotopically arranged subunits nerve fibers to the equilateral ( ipsilateral ) inferior rectus, inferior oblique muscle, musculus rectus medialis and Reciprocal ( contralateral ) superior rectus muscle.

The Edinger - Westphal nucleus is via the medial longitudinal fasciculus ( medial longitudinal fasciculus ) with the other eye muscle nuclei (nucleus nervi trochlear, nucleus nervi abducentis ) connected. In addition, there are over this trunk connections with the equilibrium nuclei ( vestibular nuclei ), are mediated via the vestibulookuläre reflexes.

Lesions of the nucleus nervi oculomotorii lead to a third nerve palsy.