Odense Boldklub

Odense Boldklub (short: Odense BK or OB ) is a Danish football club based in Odense, Region Syddanmark.

OB plays in the Super League, the top division in Denmark. The home games are played in TRE -FOR Park. The headquarters of the club is in Ådalen, close to Odense River.

  • 8.1 badminton


The first years

The club was founded on 12 July 1887 as Odense Criketklub, where cricket was the only sport. 1889 football and tennis were recorded as other sports, further, the club name was changed to Odense Boldklub.

In football field was in 1916 by winning the local championship, the first success to be celebrated. Thus, the team which qualified for the semifinals of the national championship, where to 9:3 lost to eventual champion B.93 Copenhagen.

1945-1975: Turbulent Times

After the reorganization of the Danish football leagues after the German occupation in the Second World War, Odense found again in the third division. With good performances and the two outstanding players Jørgen Sørensen Leschly and Svend Jørgen Hansen, the team quickly reached the highest league in Denmark. Hansen was also the first national team of Denmark. Sørensen was sold in 1949 to the Italian club Atalanta.

1951 OB gained the silver medal in the national championship. It failed in the final at the Club Akademisk Bold. After this success, it went downhill fast. In 1959, the team was back again in the second division. In between 1957 and 1966 succeeded in promotion to the 1st Division, Odense but remained until 1975 never remain in the first league. 1974 reached the team their first cup final which was lost 5-2 against Vanløse IF.

1975-1990: The Best Years of

1975 Odense BK rose again in the first division. Under a very good team coach Richard Møller Nielsen and OB in 1977 became the first championship. Midfielder Allan Hansen was voted the best scorers and players in the league. These successes could repeat Hansen 1981. By winning the championship took Odense in 1978 for the first time at the European Champions Cup in part. There the team met in the first round to Lokomotiv Sofia. The first leg ended 2-2. In subsequent return game, the Dane documents 2-1.

The hit series went for Odense on. 1980 OB was third and 1982 you won the second championship. Together with the Cup win in 1983 became the team even double. Once in the same year 1909 Boldklubben had relegated to the second league, Odense was the best team on the island of Funen.

During this time OB could shine with many Danish talents. Keld Bordinggaard was named 1982 Rookie of the Year. The best players on the team at this time was Lars Høgh, who graduated from 1977 to 1999 a total of 817 games for the club.

1989 Odense was the third time champion, this time under new coach Roald Poulsen. Among the performers were, in addition Høgh, Ulrik Moseby, Johnny Anker Hansen and Per Pedersen. This was sold to Blackburn Rovers for a record transfer fee of 2.3 million pounds in 1997.

1991 to present: The Super League

In 1991, the club won the Danish Cup against Aalborg BK. This success could not transfer the Danish Superliga. The fall season ended up OB in last place and had to participate in the qualifying league. The team was able to re- qualify for the Super League over second place.

In the season 1992/1993 OB came in second behind FC Copenhagen and earned his third Cup win. In 1996, the team again third in the league.

At the end of the season 1997/1998 Odense BK was relegated to the second division. The resurgence managed a season later. 2002 and 2007 the team won the Danish Cup and in the 2008 /2009 season took one second place, the best result of OB since the rise in 1999. 2009/2010 it was second again.


The biggest international successes achieved OB in the season 1994 / 95th Only on the qualifications in the UEFA Cup started, threw OB in the second round of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern Away due to a hit again reporting from the competition. At home they played 0-0 in Kaiserslautern 1:1. In the second round OB met Real Madrid and won sensational at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu 2-0, so that despite a 2:3 quarter-final was reached in the second leg on home turf. Here failed OB narrowly on subsequent UEFA Cup winners Parma 0-1 and 0-0. In the UEFA Cup 2006/2007 season the club in the first round threw the German Bundesliga Hertha BSC 2-2 at the Olympiastadion Berlin and a 1-0 victory in front of a home crowd out of the competition. 2011/12 we just missed a place in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Against Villarreal you won the first leg 1-0 on home soil. In the return match, however, they lost 0-3. Thus, the team starts for the second time after another in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League.

Squad 2012/13

As of February 16, 2013

Most games

As of January 2011

  • Lars Høgh 817
  • Steen Nedergaard 423
  • Michael Hemmingsen 410
  • Allan Hansen 355
  • Ulrik Moseby 339
  • Poul Andersen 310
  • Chris Sørensen 297
  • Frank Clausen 287
  • Johnny Hansen 284
  • Andrew Tembo 284
  • Keld Bordinggaard 283
  • Torben Sangild 278
  • Leon Hansen 252
  • Jørgen Madsen 249

Trainer since 1948

  • Denis Neville 1948-1950
  • Géza Toldi 1950-1954
  • Jørgen Sørensen Leschly 1955-1958
  • Svend Hugger 1961
  • Dragisa Milic 1962-1963
  • Jørgen Sørensen Leschly 1963
  • Richard Møller Nielsen 1964-1968
  • Børge Jacobsen 1968
  • Jack Johnson 1968-1972
  • Kaj Hansen 1972-1974
  • Richard Møller Nielsen 1975-1985
  • Walther Richter 1986-1987
  • Roald Poulsen 1988-1991
  • Kim Brink 1992-1995
  • Viggo Jensen 1995-1997
  • Roald Poulsen 1997-1998
  • Jens Plambech 1998
  • Torben Storm 1999-2000
  • Troels Bech 2000-2002
  • Uffe Pedersen 2002-2004
  • Klavs Rasmussen Troels Bech & 2004-2005
  • Bruce Rioch 2005-2007
  • Michael Hemmingsen 2007
  • Lars Olsen 2007-2010
  • Uffe Pedersen & Henrik Clausen 2010
  • Henrik Clausen & Thomas Helveg 2011 -

Known player

  • Ole Bjørnmose (later Werder Bremen and Hamburger SV)
  • Roy Carroll (former Manchester United and Wigan Athletic)
  • Kurt Christensen (former Atalanta and Lazio Rome)
  • Tobias Grahn (former Hertha BSC on loan )
  • Allan Hansen (ex Hamburger SV )
  • Thomas Helveg (former AC Milan, Inter Milan )
  • Lars Høgh ( Danish Goalkeeper of the Year 1986)
  • Allan Nielsen (former Bayern Munich)
  • Dan Petersen (former Ajax Amsterdam and AS Monaco)
  • Poul Rasmussen Åge (former Atalanta Bergamo)
  • Björn Runström (former 1 FC Kaiserslautern)
  • Michael Schjønberg (former Hannover 96 1 FC Kaiserslautern, Sports Director 1 FC Kaiserslautern)
  • Stig Tøfting (formerly MSV Duisburg, Hamburg)

Season statistics

Statistics since the 1994/1995 season


  • Danish football championship Master ( 3): 1977, 1982, 1989
  • Country Cup Turner Ingen Winner ( 5): 1983, 1991, 1993, 2002, 2007

Other Sports


The Association may also remarkable successes in badminton for themselves. With Inger Kjærgaard Agnete Friis and two world-class players were in the ranks of the association.