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Template: Infobox city in Portugal / Maintenance / Web page is blank Odivelas is a city ( Cidade ) and a circle ( concelho ) in Portugal, with 59 172 inhabitants (as at 30 June 2011). Odivelas belongs to the metropolitan area of ​​the capital, Lisbon.


The village was probably founded by the Crusaders João Ramires after he had participated in the Siege of Lisbon 1147. 1295 began the construction of the monastery Mosteiro de S.Dinis who subsequently gave some meaning to the place, such as the presence of Queen Philippa of Lancaster. With the dissolution and expropriation of all religious orders after the Liberal Revolution in 1822 the importance waned Odivelas '.

In Pontinha there was the High Command of the Movimento forcas Armadas, the group of army officers, with the Carnation Revolution overthrew the authoritarian Estado Novo on 25 April 1974, democracy in Portugal reinstitute them. With the growth of the metropolitan area of Lisbon Odivelas also grew considerably.

After the town was in 1964 raised to the small town ( Vila ), got Odivelas 1990 the status of a city ( Cidade ), and in 1998 the seat of an independent circuit ( concelho ).



Odivelas is the administrative seat of the homonymous district. The neighboring districts are (clockwise starting from the north ): Loures, Lisbon, Amadora and Sintra.

The following parishes ( freguesias ) are in the county Odivelas:

  • Caneças
  • Famões
  • Odivelas
  • Olival Basto
  • Pontinha
  • Póvoa de Santo Adrião
  • Ramada



  • Cape Verde Cape Verde: Paul
  • Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe: Príncipe
  • Cape Verde Cape Verde: Ribeira Grande de Santiago

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Orlando Worm (1938-2010), dancers, lighting, choreographer, founder of the Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo
  • Jorge Leitão Ramos ( born 1952 ), film historian and film critic
  • Fernando Ferrão (* 1959), actor
  • Paulo Santos (born 1972 ), football player
  • Catarina Leite ( b. 1983 ), chess player
  • Roderick Miranda ( * 1991), football player
  • Rubén Pinto ( * 1992), football player