Ōe Kenzaburō Prize

The Ōe - Kenzaburo Prize (Japanese大江健三郎 赏, Ōe - Kenzaburo - shō ) is a literary prize, which is awarded by the publisher Kodansha since 2006 on the occasion of two events. Firstly, it is intended with the award ceremony of the 100th anniversary of the publishing house, on the other hand the 50-year career as a writer Kenzaburo Oes. The selection of the winner is responsible solely Ōe. Instead of prize money, the winning work will be translated into another language, such as English, German or French. Instead of a selection rationale and Critique will be held a public conversation between Ōe and the laureate that is published in the literary magazine Gunzo.

Award winners

  • 2007 Nagashima Yū for Yuko - chan no chikamichi (夕子 ちゃん の 近道)
  • Toshiki Okada 2008 for watashitachi ni yurusareta tokubetsu na jikan no owari (わたし たち に 許さ れ た 特別 な 時間 の 終わり)
  • 2009 Ando Reiji for Hikari no mandara, Nihon bungaku - ron (光 の 曼荼羅 日本 文学 論)
  • 2010 Nakamura Fuminori for Suri (掏摸)
  • 2011 Hoshino Tomoyuki for Ore ore (俺俺)
  • 2012 Wataya Risa ne there for Kawaisō? (かわいそう だ ね? )
  • 2013 Motoya Yukiko for Arashi no pikunikku (嵐 の ピクニック)