Oekaki (Japaneseお 絵描き, Oekaki ) is a Japanese term to describe the practice of drawing, he means in German roughly sketch or doodle.

Internet Forums

Oekaki Internet forums allow the applications stored on the server to create drawings and publish on the attached forum users. The user can not upload it already finished drawings create high but these live in their Web browser using a mouse, a graphics tablet or using a touch screen. However, there are also Oekaki which allow the upload of finished drawings, but this is provided with certain restrictions, such as a certain number of uploads per week.

The underlying technology can be a Java applet or ActiveX. Some systems provide this functionality with the one can make drawings on a professional level. The actual image size is limited while still providing height and width of only a few hundred pixels.

If this function is supported by your system, the user of that forum of the origin of the drawing can watch an animation. Some also offer a resume function, which allows the artist to work on his drawing to interrupt and continue at a later time in the same place. In addition, various systems also offer the use of levels.

Oekaki is very popular in the anime subculture, since without the use of image editing software, the production and exchange of Fanart allowed.

Software (selection)

  • OekakiBBS was the first Oekaki applet of its kind and has faced more modern variants a limited number of pallets and a few screen tones. Meanwhile, there are features gradients, multiple layers, masks and storage of emergence as an animation.
  • PaintBBS is a simple applet created by Shi -chan, which supports 2 levels and a mask. The system has a great number of pallets which can be used for a large number of effects.
  • Shi- Painter Shi- Painter Pro and Shi -chan's latest applets to enjoy increasing popularity. However, you must still prevail, because for the most part still outdated software comes on the servers used.

In addition, there are other applets such as PictureBBS and BBSPainter but these are not widespread. Lascaux Sketch, an applet which can be found at 2draw.net, will not be publicly distributed but probably represents the most powerful functions of all currently available systems ready.