Oelfke? / I is a German surname and a Low German male first name.

Origin and Meaning

The name Oelfke is a Low German diminutive form of the name Olf. After Bahlow Olf is a short form of the name Odolf, of the name elements od " erebter possession " and wolf " wolf " is composed.

After carbon and carbon home home Olf is a variant of Wolf.

The farm name " Oelfkenhof " in Oerbke is detectable already after the Celler treasure register 1438.

Well-known bearers of the name

  • Monika Fornaçon, born Oelfke (* 1964), German football referee
  • Uwe Oelfke, German physicist ( Medical Physics )
  • Tami Oelfken (1888-1957), German writer and educational reformer
  • Heinz Oelfke (* 1934), German writer
  • William C. Oelfke, American astrophysicist