Oelrichs is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Blanche Oelrichs (1890-1950), American poet, writer and theater actress
  • Carl Jasper Oelrichs (1844-1923), German jurist and politician
  • Gerhard Oelrichs (1727-1789), German jurist
  • Hermann Oelrichs (1850-1906), American banker and shipping business
  • Johann Carl Conrad Oelrichs (1722-1799), German historian and legal scholar
  • Johann Georg Arnold Oelrichs (1767-1791), German Protestant theologian and philosopher
  • Johann Georg Heinrich Oelrichs (1728-1799), German Reformed preacher
  • Karl Theodor Oelrichs (1804-1871), German jurist, author and sports official in Bremen
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