Oepping is a municipality in Upper Austria ( Austria ) and is situated in the district of Rohrbach in Upper Austria upper with 1536 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). The competent jurisdiction is Rohrbach in Upper Austria.


Oepping is located on 629 m altitude in the upper Upper Austria. The expansion is 9 km from north to south, from west to east 3.8 km. The total area is 23 km ², 23.5 % of the area is forested, 70.4 % of the area is used for agriculture.

Districts of the municipality

Berlesreith, Dobretshofen, Götzdorf, Gumpenberg, Gumpenmühle, Haugsberg, edges, Kimmerting, Liebetsberg, Marbach, Oberfischbach, Obergahleiten, Obergrünau, Obermayrhof, Oberneudorf, Oepping, Peherstorf, Pitretsberg, Rumerstorf, Salaberg, Unterfischbach and sub ​​Grunau.

On 1 January 2011 new street names with a reorganization of the house numbers and a new zip code were introduced.

Coat of arms

Blazon: Shared; above in silver a red, growing wolf down in a silver blue rootstock. The municipality colors are green and white - blue.


The emergence of Oepping (formerly Epping ) goes back to the time before 1274. Oepping was for centuries under the suzerainty of the Bishops of Passau. During the Napoleonic Wars, the place was occupied several times. Since 1814, the place is definitely a thing to Upper Austria. After the annexation of Austria to the German Reich on 13 March 1938, the town belonged to the " Upper Danube ". After 1945 the restoration of Upper Austria.


Mayor is William Peinbauer of the ÖVP.

Population Development

In 1991, the municipality had 1457 inhabitants according to the census, in 2001 then 1640 inhabitants.

Culture and sights

Economy and infrastructure

The formerly based in Rohrbach Lederwarenfabrik LERIPA ( former Pöschl - factory ) today announced the company location in the community and offers there for around 200 workers employment. The company has three subsidiaries and produces parts for the international paper industry and is the world market leader for dewatering elements and suction roll in paper machines. LERIPA one of the top 500 companies in Upper Austria.