Oerlikon (Zürich)

Oerlikon is a quarter of the city of Zurich. The formerly independent municipality Oerlikon was incorporated in 1934 and today, together with Affoltern Seebach and the circle 11

Coat of arms


The ploughshare points to the former belonging to the municipality Schwamendingenstrasse. The horseshoe symbolizes the importance Oerlikon on the trade route to Zurich. Here the horses were shod before climbing the Milchbuck.



The name Oerlikon goes back to the Alemannic settlement founder Orilo. Oerlikon was first established in 946 ( another source: 942) documented as Orlinchowa.

In modern times, the site was one just over a dozen houses and was part of the community Schwamendingenstrasse. There the inhabitants of Oerlikon also visited the school and church. 1855 opened the Northeastern Railway (NOB ) the original route novel horn -Winterthur -Oerlikon, which was extended in 1856 to Zurich, connecting the south of Germany with Zurich. This Oerlikon was interesting for industry and commerce, which Oerlikon gave a very rapid growth. 1872, sparked by Oerlikon Schwamendingenstrasse and became a separate parish. The machinery factory founded in 1876, Oerlikon ( MFO ) has built to the north of the railway line down and shaped the community significantly. 1897, the private tramway Zurich -Oerlikon -Seebach ( ZOS ) was built. Branch lines also led to Schwamendingen and Opfikon. Built and significantly financed, the tram line from the MFO.

Oerlikon on the wild card of 1848

The municipality within the district Zurich before the merger in 1933


Oerlikon developed independently of Zurich, Oerlikon was only in 1934 - together with Seebach, Affoltern, Schwamendingenstrasse, Witikon, Hoengg, Altstetten and Albisrieden - incorporated in Zurich.

Oerlikon, which was primarily an industrial area in the past, is today one of the fastest growing parts of the city of Zurich.

Oerlikon came in 1932 (see from Oerlikon railway accident ), 1992 and 2003 due to train accidents at Oerlikon railway station in the headlines. The accident in 1992 made ​​the burden on the rail hub Oerlikon by the S -Bahn Zurich significantly and led to the procurement of the train control system ZUB 121 on the Swiss Federal Railways.

Local structure

South of the railway line is the center of Oerlikon Neumarkt shopping centers and shopping züri 11, the distinctive high-rise building of the hotel Swissôtel and the marketplace.

North of the station, the new district Neu- Oerlikon arises ( formerly Centre Zurich Nord). In the former industrial area of new housing and living space is created. The acting very urban architecture is broken up by extensive parks. In recent years, four novel, applied very prestigious parks in the professional world: The Oerliker park with lookout tower, designed by the landscape architects inlet Partners, the MFO Park Architects Burckhardt and Partner, on the site of the former Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon, choosing Park by the artist and architect Christopher T. Hunziker and dipole and the Louis Haefliger Park. The Gustav- Ammann- Park was in 1942 according to the plans of the garden architect Gustav Ammann as so-called welfare garden created of and even after more than 50 years, a tranquil oasis of calm. It was also another mall; the Center Eleven built. This is very centrally located in the neighborhood.

Along the Regensbergstrasse are several partly monumental Volksschulbauten ( Gubel, privet, heap ), south of it is the expansive garden district Allenmoos with buildings from the entire 20th century.

Economy and infrastructure

Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon ( MFO ), founded in 1876 was the first big industrial companies in Oerlikon. It was acquired in 1967 by Brown, Boveri & Cie, from 1988, the ABB was created, whose corporate headquarters is located in Oerlikon.

From 1906 from the MFO outsourced Machine Tool Factory Oerlikon Oerlikon - Buehrle of the arms company that has undergone major restructuring in the 1990s was born. From the conglomerate was Technologieholding Unaxis, which now OC Oerlikon Corporation calls itself and its subsidiaries are still partially located in Oerlikon and Seebach under sale of various investments and corporate sectors. The Oerlikon Contraves AG, a former Oerlikon - Buehrle - daughter is still located in Oerlikon, the same applies to the Allreal AG, the former Oerlikon - Buehrle Immobilien AG.

On the former MFO area is now among other things PricewaterhouseCoopers resident. Another global company, whose headquarters are in Swiss Oerlikon is Bombardier Transportation, the global locomotives and traction development center is housed on the ABB site is still active (Toro 1).

In Oerlikon centers include the indoor stadium, the Open racetrack Zurich -Oerlikon and the former Züspa Exhibition Centre, which is summarized in the exhibition center Messe Zurich since 1998.

The Zurich Oerlikon railway station is an important hub in the network of S -Bahn Zurich and also provides connections to the national long-distance traffic. It forms a bottleneck for rail traffic. With the construction of the second through station (Project Lion Street ) and the Weinberg tunnel to the to 2013 at least partially be remedied. In addition, Oerlikon is served by tram lines 10, 11 and 14 of the Zurich transport services, as well as a number of bus routes. Oerlikon is also the starting point which is under construction Glattalbahn traffic Glattal.

View from Max Bill Platz on the Binzmühlestrasse direction Sunrise Towers

The MFO Park

Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon ( MFO ), view from the MFO Park

Intersection Therese- Giehse- Street / Binzmühlestrasse in Neu- Oerlikon

Residential Park Binzmühle Zurich ( Justus Dahinden Arch ), view from the elections Park

The Oerliker Park with the Blue Tower

Neumarkt Galerie shopping center

Administrative center Dorflinde

Oerlikon train station, in the background the Pestalozzi Library

Sternen Oerlikon

Reformed Church

Church communities and religions

In the Oerlikon district following churches and religious communities are to be found:

  • Evangelical Reformed Church Oerlikon (built 1906-1908 by architect Adolf Asper )
  • Roman Catholic Sacred Heart Church (built 1892-1893 by architect August Hardegger )
  • Old Catholic ( Old Catholic ) Christ Church (built 1941-1942 by Alfred Edward and Henry Oeschger )
  • New Apostolic congregation Oerlikon ( built in 1927 by C. Rathgeb )
  • United Methodist Parish Oerlikon (built 1962-1963 by Willi Hertig )
  • Congregation of the Seventh-Day Adventist Oerlikon
  • Salvation Army community Zurich North
  • Maharishi International School, an esoteric organization that offers their meditation meeting as " scientific training ".

Educational institutions

Oerlikon is a major center of education. In the neighborhood there are two grammar schools, the district school and the Oerlikon district school Birch. In addition, the University of Zurich increasingly outsourced individual teaching and research facilities of the center by Oerlikon from. Are the Institute for computer science, psychology and computational linguistics at the University of North. On the opposite side of the station, at the City Port, there is the Department of Political Science.

In Oerlikon is also the Cantonal Centre for Vocational Guidance.


Since December 2006 there after a year and a half transformation of the former town farm 11, the winner of many architectural awards Theater 11 Set beside the Messe Zurich and the Hallenstadion venue has over 1500 seats.


  • Franz Hohler (* 1943), writer, comedian and singer-songwriter who lives in Oerlikon