Oeschebüttel is a municipality in the district of Steinburg, in Schleswig- Holstein. The municipality belongs to the district of the wreck.

Geography and transport

Oeschebüttel located in the Natural Park Aukrug 5 km northeast of Hohenlockstedt and 7 km northwest of Kellinghusenstraße in a rural environment. The Mühlenbarbeker Au flows through the community. Part of the mill pond belongs to the area of the municipality.

Oeschebüttel is located about six kilometers north of state road 206 The nearest train stations are in Brokstedt and Wrist at the Altona- Kiel railway, each about eight to ten miles away.


Historically a part of settlement Oeschebüttel to the constable - towns. Oesche - does not mean a person's name, but comes from Ash, so called Esch constable.


Of the nine seats in the municipal council voters Community KWV has since the local elections 2008 eight seats; one seat is held by a single applicant.

Coat of arms

Blazon: ". On green hills, this is a silver, formed from a cover plate and three supporting stones grave chamber, three green oak trees with golden fruit "

Around the village Oeschebüttel comprising three parts Springhoe, Wreck and Hollenbek were found a total of 35 barrows and two urn cemeteries that are associated with the late Stone Age and the Bronze Age. For these early settlements of the municipality is the hill grave is at the crest, the four stones to the village Oeschebüttel symbolize comprising three parts simultaneously. The oaks point to the wooded area, nestled in the Oeschebüttel.