The OF -40 is a main battle tank developed in Italy, who was destined exclusively for export.


Beginning of the 1970s, acquired the Italian manufacturer OTO Melara and Fiat license to build 1000 German Leopard 1 main battle tank for the Italian army. The disadvantage was that the license agreement prohibiting resale to third countries. This meant that the Italian designers namely the Leopard took as an example, on this basis, however, constructed a completely new tank. Thus, the OF- 40 was born.


The OF -40 was a main battle tank of the second generation. Weighing 45 tons, it was a little heavier than the leopard, but equally strong motorized. This led to a somewhat lower speed. And drive roll design were taken from the Leopard 1. The tank was licensed production of the L7 gun. The gun was very accurate through the use of a digital target computer, a laser rangefinder and a stabilized optical sight. A system for stabilizing the tower was, however, incorporated only in the Mk 2 version that came on the market a little later. The OF -40 was at 60 km / h is not very fast, with its 1000 -liter tank but possessed the carapace a respectable range of 600 km.


Even if the non- OF- 40 belongs to the first rank of modern battle tanks, so he's in a fight a respectable opponent. Although probably just smaller states should have an interest in this vehicle, remained in demand. The largest order came from the United Arab Emirates, which ordered 36 pieces.