Of Thee I Sing

Of Thee I Sing ( German about: for you I sing ) is a musical by George Gershwin (music), Ira Gershwin (lyrics ), George Simon Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind (Book). The political satire was the first musical that won the Pulitzer Prize. The premiere took place on December 26, 1931 in the Music Box Theatre in New York. The show was directed by George S. Kaufman; in the leading roles were William Gaxton and Victor Moore seen.


The piece describes the presidential election campaign John P. Winter Greens, who with the slogan "Bring love into the White House " finally triumphant wins. As the chairman of the election committee declared, "You need a theme that everyone interested, but that does not by chance plays the least important role. " It is decided that the candidate is to marry the winner of a beauty contest in which he which vary from state to has stopped hand the country's most beautiful. However, Wintergreen falls in love with the pretty but homely Mary Turner. Particular, the use of a remotely with Napoleon related Dame also leads to international complications. In addition, the entertaining adventures of the nominated as Vice President Alexander Throttlebottom be (the name refers to its role towards ), tells in his fight for something attention.


The piece is the operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan more related than the typical Broadway musical. The satirical approach of Strike Up The Band (1927, as revised and amended 1930) is extended here, the music numbers refer strictly to the act and should continue with this, and the team of authors make no more compromises with regard to the mass taste. Nevertheless, Of Thee I Sing had 473 performances on Broadway 's third longest Broadway run time during the thirties and was the most successful musical of the Gershwin brothers. Followed in 1933 with Let 'Em Eat Cake is a sequel of the same authors, which meant as a satirical comment on the rule form of dictatorship, but not as focused and witty as its predecessor and quickly disappear from the board. 1952 Of Thee I Sing is back on Broadway.

The scenic European premiere took place in 2006 at the State Theatre in Linz in German ( translation: Roman Hinze ).

Well-known musical numbers

  • Who Could Ask For Anything More? ( I'm About to Be a Mother )
  • Who Cares?
  • Love Is Sweeping the Country
  • Of Thee I Sing


  • Of Thee I Sing ( Original Recording Reissued ) 1952