Officine Stampaggi Industriali

Officine Stampaggi industrialization SpA was an Italian manufacturer of cars.

Company History

Arrigo Olivetti and Luigi Segre founded in 1960 in Turin, the company. The goal was the development and production of car bodies and complete cars. Starting in 1963, complete vehicles were marketed under the brand name OSI. In 1968 the company went into bankruptcy.

Rolling stock

First, various bodies created for models from Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Innocenti. These included the Alfa Romeo 2600 Berlina de Luxe, the Fiat 2300 S Coupé, the Fiat 1300 Station Wagon, the Fiat 1500 station wagon and the Innocenti Spider. As OSI 1200 S appeared in 1963 as the first OSI marketed vehicle. This was a convertible based on the Fiat 1100, with four-cylinder engine, 1221 cc and 58 hp. The numerically most successful model was the Ford OSI 20 M TS, emerged from the 3500 copies. The coupe was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 1966. Basis was the Ford 20M. 1968 production ended.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1966 Scarabeo by OSI

Ford Anglia Torino by OSI

Ford OSI 20 M TS