Ogilvie Mountains


The Ogilvie Mountains are a mountain range in the Yukon Intermountain Ranges north of Dawson. They are 99% in the Yukon Territory and to one percent in Alaska.

With an extension of 223 km from north to south and 393 km from east to west, they cover an area of ​​43,088 km ². The highest mountain is Mount Frank Rae with 2362 m.

Northern and southern flank of the Ogilvie differ fundamentally. The sedimentary rocks of the northern flank has remained free of ice during the last ice age and characterized by deep, created by water valleys and boulder fields. The southern flank consists of darker, less vegetated, igneous intrusive rocks with more rugged and steeper slopes.

Large parts of the mountains are in Tombstone Territorial Park. The Dempster Highway from Dawson to Inuvik on the Mackenzie Delta crosses the Ogilvie Mountains. The mountain by William Ogilvie, a Canadian surveyor, the end of the 19th century was named first survey conducted on site.

Mountains of the Ogilvie Mountains

  • Mount Frank Rae ( 2362 m)
  • Yoke Mountain ( 2249 m)
  • Tombstone Mountain ( 2196 m)
  • Mount Monolith ( 2135 m)
  • Mount Patterson ( 2088 m)
  • Mount Jeckell (1951 m)
  • Mount Harper (1845 m)
  • Chert Mountain (1731 m)