Ogongo Agricultural College

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Last election: 2010

Next election: 2015

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Geographic coordinates: 17 ° 28'12 " S, 15 ° 19'48 " E.


Ogongo is a settlement in the same constituency Ogongo in the administrative Omusati Region in the northeast of the Republic of Namibia. The county is bordered on the north by the county Okalongo on the east by the Namibian region Oshana. Ogongo is located approximately 60 kilometers southeast of Outapi. The county has a total of 21 321 inhabitants.


During the civil war in Angola, the city was barracks of the South African Army ( SADF ) and later UNTAG ( UN peacekeepers of the United Nations ). Today Ogongo has among other things a Higher Agricultural School (English: Ogongo Agricultural College ) including a forestry school.