Oh Carolina

Oh Carolina is a former Jamaican reggae piece from 1960 and one of the most important recordings in the history of Jamaican music. It was written by Count Ossie and John Folkes. The first version was recorded by the Folkes Brothers and produced by Prince Buster. A cover version of Shaggy in 1993 was an international hit.


About the proportions in the development of the piece, there were confrontations later. But it is clear that both Count Ossie and John Folkes and Prince Buster had their shares. Since this is the first Jamaican music piece that clearly emancipated from U.S. and European influences - shortly after the independence of Jamaica, 1958 ( as part of the West Indies Federation ) - used and a very different, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, it is suggest that Count Ossie with his formative drum style was the decisive factor in the development of Oh Carolina.

The single held in 1961 a few weeks in the Jamaican charts and was played in the following years in Jamaica a lot. 1973 appeared to Count Ossie album Grounation a roots-reggae version of the song. In 1993, Shaggy a worldwide hit with his cover version.


  • Reggae song
  • Song 1960