Oh, Kay!

Oh, Kay! is a musical with music by George Gershwin and lyrics by Ira Gershwin song. The book was inspired by Guy Bolton and PG Wodehouse. The show was produced by Alex A. Aarons and Vinton Freedley; the role of Kay was tailored to Gertrude Lawrence, in another leading role Victor Moore was seen.

The Broadway premiere took place on November 8, 1926 held at the Imperial Theatre, the premiere in London's West End on September 21, 1927 at His Majesty's Theatre. In German-speaking countries, the musical was first shown on 31 May 1978, the Municipal Theater Dortmund; the translation is by Max Colpet.


Location and Time: Long Iceland at the time of alcohol prohibition. A for some time vacant beach house in East Hampton was converted by bootleggers as a warehouse. When the smugglers is Shorty McGee, Larry Potter and an English nobleman, called " The Duke". The yacht of the Duke is the time of the action before this beach at anchor. His ship serves as a smuggling Transportation - on board is his sister, Lady Kay. From all this, the millionaire Jimmy Winter knows nothing. He wants to celebrate his marriage with Constance Appleton at his summer cottage. He also harbors no distrust Shorty masquerading as a butler to secure the alcohol in the basement. But Jimmy does not have time, because his wife would not accept the divorce terms. Of that Jimmy is not yet divorced, Constance knows nothing and leaves the house angry. As soon as the bride away, Kay appears that Jimmy had a year earlier, saved on the same stretch of beach from drowning. Because it is an officer of the customs authority on the heels, she poses as newlyweds - and Jimmy falls in love with her. The next morning, Constance comes accompanied by her father, Judge Appleton, to clarify the wedding affair. To her satisfaction Jimmy receives the news that his wife but consents to the divorce. Kay now slips into the role of the Butler woman so that supply both society as a servant couple. Now, while the smugglers think about how they get the alcohol out of the house out, intended to prevent Kay Jimmy's marriage. To merge all interests, Shorty 's at the wedding of an undercover customs authority, Jimmy arrested load the confiscated goods on a lorry for violating the Prohibition Act, however, Larry and Duke. As will then pop up officials of the customs authority and Shorty, Jimmy and Kay arrest, his marriage to Constance bursts final. Larry pretends to be a sheriff's deputy and saves the alcohol before the Authority. This is so the evidence, including smugglers lost, whereupon Jimmy and Kay are released and get married the next day.

The role of English aristocrats, "The Duke", is in the West End to the " Duke of Datchet ." In the 1960 off- Broadway production of P. G. Wodehouse in the East 74th Street Theatre, she is titled as the " Earl of Blandings ".

Well-known musical number

  • Someone to Watch Over Me


Oh, Kay! 1928 filmed silent, directed by Mervyn LeRoy.