Oh Kyu-won

Oh Kyu Won ( born December 29, 1941 in the municipality of the city Samnangjin Miryang in the province of Gyeongsangnam -do, † 2 February 2007) is a South Korean poet.

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Oh experienced in his childhood two traumatic events: the Korean War and his mother's death. This was accompanied by the experience of boarding school life and the constant change from one relative to another. During this time, he read a lot already. On the recommendation of his family out, he joined the School of Education an, practiced by the way the letter and decided to pursue to the end, his dearest wish and devoted himself to literature.

After completion of education studies, he worked as a teacher while studying at the Law Department of the Dong -A University. In the period 1965 to 1968 he debuted on the recommendation of the poet Kim Hyeon- seung in the journal, Hyundae Munhak ' and in 1971 published his first book of poetry is a clear case. For a time he worked in the publishing editors. From 1971 Oh worked for ten years in the public relations department of Taepyeongyang Chemical and brought out the first Korean PR Journal " cosmetics" with high-quality color photos. During this time he also published the poetry volumes on pilgrimage (1973 ), to a boy who is not a Prince (1978) and poetry to this country ( 1981) and the anthology The Art of Love and the treatise on poetry reality and self-control ( 현실 과 극기 ). After completing his work at Taepyeongyang Chemical hand, he led the publisher Munjangsa. In 1982 he began to give lectures on poetry at the department of artistic creation of the School of Art Seoul. In the same year he was awarded the Literature Prize Hyundae. From then on, he exercised his teaching career in parallel to the seal.

In addition to poetry collections would find my life but more attention (1987 ), The world beyond the path ( 1987), Dungeons of Love ( 1991), road, alley, hotel and the noise of the River (1995) and The tomato is red, no sweet (1999) he published several prose collections, anthologies of children's poems and poetic essays, including the rules of modern poetry (1990 ), a theoretical study of the poetry he wrote based on his lectures, in which he analyzed specific case studies. Him the Yeonam Literature Prize and was awarded in 1995 the Isan Literary Award in 1989. Early nineties Oh traveled through Southeast Asia in 1992 and took a seminar on Korean literature in Germany as an opportunity to tour the Eastern European countries.

The experiences of those trips gave him an opportunity for a shift in consciousness, they proposed concretely reflected in his poems. When he learned in 1991 that he was suffering from a chronic pulmonary emphysema, as he followed from an empirical poetics. In order to recover, he became friends with the idea of ​​a rural life, and took the view that poetry means " not writing, but life." The semester break he despise mainly in a country house in the village Seohu, Circle Yangpyeong in Gyeonggi Province. From 2001, he taught his students at the new university campus in Ansan in the rules of poetry.



Volumes of poetry

  • 분명한 사건 ( A clear case ) Hanrim 1971
  • 순례 ( on pilgrimage ) Minumsa Co. 1973
  • 왕자 가 안인 한 아이 에게 ( to a boy who is not a prince ) Moonhak Kwa JISUNG Sa 1978
  • 이 땅 에 씌어 지는 抒情 诗( poetry in this country) Moonhak Kwa JISUNG Sa 1981
  • 가끔은 주목 받는 生 이고 싶다 ( would find my life but more attention ) Moonhak Kwa JISUNG Sa 1987
  • 사랑 의 감옥 ( Dungeon of Love) Moonhak Kwa JISUNG Sa 1991
  • 길, 골목, 호텔 그리고 강물 소리 (street, alley, hotel and the noise of the river) Moonhak Kwa JISUNG Sa 1995
  • 토마토 는 붉다 아니 달콤 하다 ( The tomato is red, no sweet) Moonhak Kwa JISUNG Sa 1999
  • 사랑 의 기교 ( The Art of Love ) Minumsa Co. 1975
  • 희망 만들며 살기 ( living in hope ) Jisik saneopsa 1985
  • 길 밖의 세상 ( The world beyond the path ) Moonhak Kwa JISUNG Sa 1987
  • 하늘 아래 의 생 ( life under the sky) Munhakkwa bipyeongsa 1989



  • Dungeon of Love Vienna, INST ( 2005). ISBN 3-9501947-3-8
  • Taktak and Toktok or by the rhythm of the finger game / life under heaven / A young boy and a tree / moon on the bare mountain in: the listen. Journal of Literature, Art and Criticism in 1996


  • 2003 - 35th Korean Culture and Arts Award in the category Literature
  • 1995 - 07 Isan Literary Award
  • 1989 - 02 Yŏnam Literature Prize
  • 1982 - 27 Hyŏndae Literature Prize