Oh Se-hoon

Oh Se -hoon ( born January 4, 1961 in Seoul) is a South Korean politician of the conservative Saenuri party and was from 2006 to 2011 mayor of the capital Seoul.


He studied at Korea University, where he received a Bachelor of Laws in 1983, 1990 made ​​Master of Laws ( Commercial Law ) and 1999 of Doctor of Laws. In the parliamentary elections in June 2000, Oh won a seat in the South Korean parliament. In the elections on 31 May 2006 he was elected as a candidate of the Grand National Party with 61.6 % of the vote for mayor. Previously, he worked as a lecturer at Sookmyung Women's University and as a lawyer.

Although Oh 2010 was re-elected for a second term as mayor, he resigned in August 2011 from his office. He justified the move with the failure of his initiative to abolish the free lunch for all students in the city regardless of parental income, since a referendum to not reached the necessary turnout. In the election in October, Park Won -soon was elected his successor.


Oh Se -hoon is married and has two daughters.